Thursday, October 27, 2005

Reader Mail - Gala LOS and J.O.B

A reader posted here:
Thanks a ton for posting this entry in your blog. You have saved my time and money. I request you to put this article on top of your blog or a special link, so that anybody thinking of joining Quixtar or BWW will atleast aware of the MLM and the risks and it will save them lots of money and time.

I had attended the last BWW FED at california and it costed me 100 USD. I curse myself why I met those tiny IBOs and listened to their businesses speeches. All those speakers are ass-holes. They all contradict themselves. Kumar, Chak, Sugeet, Tirthankar etc.They landed up in US from India just because of their education and now they blame the same basic college education and ridiculing the education system for preaching job mentality. Had it not been for the education, they might be begging on the roadside of the cities where they were born. These so called leaders don't like thier pasts, as if they were some kind of thieves. The dumbest among all these ass holes is Sugeet Ajmani. He ridicule other professionals and their work as if the whole world is run by him. Why did he continue to work in the organization till the time he became diamond or whatever this quixstar grade system calls. Wasn't he a hypocrite? Why the hell all of these diamonds continued in their respective jobs till the time they have become diamonds. Where was their belief ? These are all double talk.

They always claim they are prospering where as quixtar's revenue is stagnant at 1 to 1.15 billion for last two years. These diamonds should save their money before Quixtar goes to drain.

I feel so relaxed after writing this mail to my sponsor asking him not to expect me for the first OPEN. I do not know how much money and time I would have wasted had I not read your blog.
It is true that Quixtar speaker are full of contradictions, and themselves.

Putting this entry on top? Sorry dude, you relate to this entry. Some other person may like another entry. They all can't be at the top. Blogs are also like a pyramid!

But...for few days this link will be at the top ;)

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What is THAT?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Quick Questions

Diamonds are public figures?

People outside Quixtar stand a chance to succeed?

Is it wrong to criticize Quixtar?

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gathering LOS info

I'm gathering various LOS info. So far I'm into BWW. Do you know any Diamond, upline, downline or other facts about them, where they live? when did they signed up? please leave a comment here.

Won't it be cool to have LOS info online?

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Friday, October 21, 2005

What sets Quixtar apart?

People would say passport is new. It will soon develop problems that Quixtar have. I doubt it. avon is new, but Quite big!

Quixtar's "Tool" system is said to be a proble. But I'd venture to say even "System" is not a problem in Quixtar. "System" would have self destructed itself by now if there was no B.S.M.A.A.

Think about it. A system where "mentors" financially benefits to keep students .... students? Plus Diamonds must be fighting with each other over tool money! There is no tool money contract there, is it? E.g. there is one for product bonus. Tools moeny is at the whim of your upline, which you can't even dispute in court. You have signed BSMAA, Business Support Material Arbitration Agreement. If you do, you'll definitely lose in arbitration.

Hence, what is holding this "business" together? BSMAA.

Who invented BSMAA?

According to Eric Scheibeler deposition from Amway Corporation vs. Meade, et al. a second generaton IBO Jody Victor has done some nice work crafting BSMAA. I heard he went to law school as well. Strange, we don't hear good things about college education in Quixtar, do we?

Read for yourself. That's how I know. Again, this is what Eric Scheibeler testified in front of court, and it's on a public record.
A: Jody Victor is an attorney. He's a - he was an attorney. He's a crown level distributor now
Q: Do you - and you guys talked bout the BSMA or BSMAA: or something like that. Can you tell the jury what is - what does all that mean?

A: It's essentially a gag order. There was many lawsuits on the internet, which is what helped bring me out, understand what had happened to us and how we were defrauded. And we were at a meeting where Jody Victor, who's one of the highest level distributors - Amway distributors, talked about working with senior Amway management to craft this BSMAA. At that time we had no idea what is was.

Q: Okay. Now, Mr. Victor is not a direct employee of Amway, he's something else?

A: He is and he isn't. He's not on their payroll, but he's a crown ambassador Amway distributor. So I mean they're working side by side.

Q: He sells Amway products for Amway?

A: Yes.

Q: Okay.

A: Yes. Has a large motivational organization. And he talked about the - him working in this tape with senior Amway management to craft this document which would prevent there ever being another Hammerhand. And Hammerhand was a class action suit - and actually out of Philadelphia, I believe - against Amway and its motivational distributors for essentially the same fraud we discovered. And so what we were forced to sign, the BSMAA, now and any distributor that gets in and is on the tool system, again which is mandatory, has to sign this. we were told we would lose our business if we didn't sign it. And essential what it is, it's an agreement to arbitrate. If you discover fraud in the too business, you're forced into arbitration, but also binding silence. You can't talk to anyone else that may have been defrauded to share documentation or to collaborate on a case.

Q: What happens if you give information about your experience to other distributors?

A: You can't give it to anyone. Once you're forced into arbitration, I can't speak to my own mother about what happened to us and Amway or the motivational organization because of this gag document.
A: So if you discover you've been defrauded and take legal action on it, you can never go public and you can never be part of a class action to collaborate what thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of other distributors who have been defrauded.

Q: Okay. No, I think the people in the jury may want to know, is this BSMAA: the business support materials, basically secrecy agreement, is this coming from Amway or is it coming from Mr. Victor and the sales people?

MR. KUGELE: I'm going to object to the characterization.

Go ahead, you can answer.

THE WITNESS: Sure. You can play the tape. Our attorney has that tape for our case.
A: But Jody Victor talks about crafting it in collaboration with Amway senior management and how they're 3 actually going to implement it into the kit and part of the -

Q: Into the kit?

A: The Amway sales and marketing kit is part of the application.

Q: Okay.

A: So from the tape, it clearly sounds like it was crafted in a collaborative agreement again between the Amway motivational organization leadership, which Jody Victor is certainly one of them and Amway Corporation itself. But again, are they two different things? It looks like one of them. Here's a description of how this is being crafted.

Q: Okay. And the affect of the agreement is -

A: Silence.

Q: Just to summarize what you said. You can't sue Amway in court and you can't sue the Jody Victors of the world either?

A: Nor can you make the fact that you were defrauded public.

Q: Okay.

A: So the lawsuits will never show up on the internet again because there won't be one. They've been effectively silenced. So the public has less of a chance now of ever knowing about the multi-decade long fraud that happens to Amway distributors. There's a less chance of it every happening now than before because of the crafting ofthis. It was very well done.
You may read full transctipt, to see what was proven and what wasn't.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do you look copper outside?

Many people who have gold in the house are looking for copper outside. Russian Proverb

Let’s do a little exercise. List gold in your house. It includes you, your achievements, your family, things you have and hobbies you enjoy. I go first:

3 Great people in my life
  • My Mom
  • My Dad
  • My youngest brother
Who are in yours?

3 Biggest achievements in my life?
  • Taking my mom to pilgrimage / hajj right after I turned 18 (and became eligible for it)
  • Financially supporting my family since I was 23.
  • Quitting Tobacco.
What are yours?

3 Sports I enjoy playing
  • Squash
  • Golf
  • Long boarding
What do you play?

3 Sports I enjoy watching
  • Wrestling
  • Football
  • Boxing
What do you watch?

3 Skills

  • Software development
  • Web Design
  • Hardware and Networking
What do you do?

3 Favourite belongings
What you got?

3 Services I love to use
What serves you?

3 Places I love to visit
Where do you go?

3 Things I'm proud off

  • My religion
  • My family
  • My country (Pakistan and Canada)
What are your proud of?

3 Dishes I love to eat
  • Goats. Hamdi's and Palao my mom / sister makes.
  • Omelet Sandwich that my sister makes.
  • Fruit salad that my sister makes.
  • Thai food. (yeah it's 4th)
What are yours?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Passport: Does it matter?

I was busy playing Golf. Golf and Ramadan mix so well. Squash is just not possible in Ramadan. Thanks Allah for Golf, and Ramadan. Man my swing has improved.

I've been reading a lot of drivel debate about passport, and it drive me nuts. WTF.... Lets get some perspective here.
  • Passport is not a scam. Just another stupid MLM, not a scam. There's a difference.

  • No passport associaet called me broke loser with J.O.B other IBO stuff.

  • Maximum losses in passport = $50 sign up? Cost of being CORE in Quixtar "system" = $1000 / month, every month! Could cost marriages!

  • Passport may claim some superficial numbers, and may have a motive to criticize Quixtar. So? Income claims is illegal, a very common practice in Quixtar. Claiming fake web stats is not a crime, income claims are.

  • I like passport. Why? Upfront and candid. Few click away online.

    Have a question? Ask Ty Tribble, president.
    Ask Dave Stone, Vice President.
    Ask any current and ex passport associates in QBlog and Passport forum. Ask them why they join or why they left?

  • I don't see passport becoming a scam. If they have any plans, they have ruined themselves by being open online. Any one can listen to their podcasts. I still don't know iota about passport numbers but I do know that some telephone calls won't cost $1k / month.

  • I may not join passport but I'll never discourage any one else. Why would I discourage some one from joining something that will not drain their finances, put stress at home and abuse relationships. I won't discourage some one from join David Robinson or Fred's group either.

  • Only thing that pissed me was removal of Quixtar related posts from mlmblog. Reason? They were very good posts. It had nothing to do with passport. It was fight among critbots.

  • Perspective. A lot of money is wasted on "War" and Terrorism. Terrorism is bad. Real bad. How many people died on September 11? 5000? It's bad. RIP. According to a white paper:
    By the end of the 20th century, cigarette smoking will have killed about 62 million people in developed countries: 52 million men, 10 million women.
Some time I just wanna do this to some critbots!!!

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Disadvantages of criticizing Quixtar

There are some benefits, but some side-effects as well!

  • Grit my teeth so hard, my dentist told me my wisdom teeth are cracked and need to be taken out.

  • My eyes hurt, from constant rolling

  • I laugh so hard that at times I have to change my pants ... and monitor! (Magic of thinking big!)

  • Passport peeps become .... friendly!

  • Vince McMahon looks like an angel.

  • Can’t get goats out of my heads.

  • Desis seems more annoying than usual.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Amway Quixtar - Important Questions to ask

Amway Quixtar Business Myths - Important Questions to ask
  1. Will you give me catalogs and distributor price lists, or get me on the Quixtar WEB site so that I can review distributor cost before I buy a kit and join?

  2. What is the average PV/distributor in your group? Can you log in with me on your account to view your line of sponsorship?

  3. What is the renewal rate of IBOs in your group?

  4. Can we log into your Quixtar account to see how many members and clients you have been able to sign up and to see how much they actually purchase?

  5. I would like to know how much money I might have to spend the first year on my business, so that I can plan my finances. People have told me about books, tapes, seminars, AMVOX, travel, recruiting tapes, postage, web hosting, web access etc. How much does this add up to, if I follow your system? What are the normal and customary yearly overhead costs of running an Quixtar distributorship by your "success system"? Can I see your tax return to see your actual expenses?

  6. If I decided the Amway/Quixtar business is not for me, what is your refund policy for the books, tapes and seminars I have purchased from you? How much will I get back? How long do I have to return them? Who is supposed to make the actual refund and whom do I contact if a refund is not forthcoming? Can I get full price for tapes if the shrink-wrap is no longer on them?

  7. Can I earn a commission on selling tapes or books? At what level can I participate? How much is the commission?

  8. Can I earn a commission on ticket sales to rallies, and weekend events? What are the typical commission rates? What level do I need to be in order to qualify for a commission?

  9. Can I earn a commission from hotel reservations and bus tickets of my downline to weekend functions? What are the typical commission rates? What level do I need to be in order to qualify for a commission?

  10. If I do not buy books, tapes and seminars from my upline, will you still support my business by showing plans?

  11. Can I see the contract for participation in the tools business? If there is no contract, what guarantee do I have that I will even get paid for tools sales?

  12. If I follow your "success system", working as hard as you have at your business, then knowing your reported profit from the business, I can plan my personal finances. Are you currently reporting a profit to the IRS with your Amway/Quixtar distributorship? May I see the last three years of your 1040 schedule C's for the business? Can I see copies of the direct distributors schedule C's?

  13. Can I see your planner or electronic calendar to see how much time you really spend on the business?

  14. What is the distributor retention rate in this line of sponsorship? Quixtar reports that just over 50% renew, and 66% of first year IBOs do not renew. I want to be in a line that is able to attract and keep new distributors

  15. In your downline what was the total sales of tapes, books, seminars, and LOS system related tools last year? In your downline what was the total BV your group did last year? I ask these questions to see if people are spending more money on the "system" than they receive in Quixtar bonuses.
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Me and Vishal

We liked Vishal. I still do. Great guy, and his "plan" was short.

Road Trip from New Jersey to Toronto and back: $200
Time spent just on road: 20 hours
Suit dry clean: $50
Teaching downline how to be "free", Priceless!

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Quixtar Playbook # 5

First, to set the mood , a great ad

Russ from Random Observations
I would just like to say that this system works for anyone willing to put the time in. In korea it is spreading like wild fire! Why? because people are willing to make something happen for themselves. I really get pissed when I see what this country is turning into. Why is it that the majority of people who are Dimonds are also people that are way above average anyway. In other words they would have been great at anything they did but they saw the simplicity of time and money = freedom and they made this work. It simple it's just not easy. So stop crying and go do something with your life loosers. Try winning for once you only need one reason to win. You got 2500 reasons why this doesnt work, use that creativity on something productive. I'm gonna go show the plan suckkas peace out.
Straight from the Open eh.
  • Business works if you put time.
  • If you criticize, you are crying loser.
  • Don't dare criticize, do something else
Now can you answer few questions? Suckka!
  1. This "system" works? How many IBOS, who signed up after 1999 went diamond? Isn't it 2-5 years for Diamond plan?

  2. Why so many diamonds quietly join a job? And why majority of them fell out of qualification?

  3. So many IBOs, so few diamonds?

  4. Why diamonds are terminated when they're free? Not just terminated, terminate business as usual ?!?!?

  5. Why diamonds quit?

  6. Can you dig it? Suckka!

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Need technical help with blog

Yeah! You heard it.
  1. This horizontal scroll bar shouldn't be there. Any idea how to remove it? You can view source and try to figure. Some missing table tag? Style sheet?

    Update 1: Some one posted a long comment that was breaking my template. It was edited. Tiny URL ppl. But there is still scroll in main index.

    Update 2: It is because of Farrago recent comments. No body reported them this bug ?!?!? Bug is on the developer site as well, LOL. Well lets see. I may user their comment hack to resolve the anonymous user headache.

  2. RSS feed isn't working. Mevi pointed it a while ago. How to fix it?

    Update 3: RSS working! Thanks to Mevi. I published this blog to my web site like 6 months ago, then republished it back to blogger. Since then atom URL was Resaved the publish setting and RSS is pimp now.

  3. How to manage my permanent links? So many blogs to link, so little space. I don't want to run chatter either.

  4. How to 'force' users to have some identity without registering for blogger? I don’t like ‘anonymous’ comments. Hard to tell who said what.

    It is not commenter’s fault. Blogger gives 3 comment settings: blog members, bloggers and any one.

    And of course, I want 'Any one' to comment. Then on comment screen:

    The option 'Other' is what I want. Not the 'Anonymous' one. But I can't have that option if I turn anonymous off.

    Any Idea how to have only 'other' comment option and not 'anonymous' one? I don't want to try haloscan comment. Popup window, yuck yuck. Also, make comments appear detached from the post.

  5. I have to manually send trackbacks in haloscan. Is there a plugin that do that automatically for blogger? In MT and typepad its built-in.

    Update 4: Blogger just gave Backlinks.
Thanks guys! Prizes are:
  1. Become moderator in a new ubber geeky forum
  2. Unlimited help for your blog
  3. Uncensored picture of my goat!
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Welcome Ramadan

Alhamdulillah (thank Allah) this is the month of Ramadan. Month to fast, pray and seek rewards from Allah.

Lets abandon sinful practices this month. Quixtar is unislamic, according to the fatwa. Majority of its teaching ain't that Christian either.
Luke 18:25 It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
Religions want you to stay poor?

No, no, no, no, no. Religions want you to understand that these worldly possessions don't mean a thing. Relationship with the creator and fellow human beings is far more important than the stuff we die for.

So live an ordinary life?

No, just live a life. Name some 'extra' ordinary emperor. Alexander the great? What did he take with him? Sure people "remember" him. How many times you did today? Would you really give a rat's ass how some one remembers you after you die? Ok you are a weird fella and you do. How many people will remember a "Diamond" who "impacted" their lives by selling them stupid tapes that should be free?

Dream stealing?

Nah! I'm not stopping ya. My understanding is making money shouldn't be life purpose. Do what you love, love what you do, enjoy precious moments. Just don't scam people. And stop harassing us Desis! You keep on doing that, we'll keep on posting. Just because we are from the same country doesn't mean we owe you some thing, choghad logo.

And look what happens on internet. MLMBlog posted some comments from here. Absolutely ok to do so. See the trackback of that entry. A Japanese blogger posted it on his site! Just like that those 5 lines spread worldwide. What does that mean? There is a BIG audience following Quixtar / Amway, its emotional anecdotes and online moves. Quixtar should become smart now, fast!

Quit being a douchebag

Look what happened at JDate. Meet internet. Can't fool people no more. Sorry! So stop vandalizing Wikipedia, if all you have to do is remove criticism. That’s you, Alticor!

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Quixtar Playbook #4

A brave, yet anonymous IBO commented
Do you people really think companies like Barnes & Noble, Office Max, Nike, Bass Pro Shops, and Circuit City would put their name on the line and risk losing their hard earned credibility just to SCAM you guys? You people need to get educated.
And it is quite common rebuttal by IBOs. Quixtar is legit because many credible businesses have put their 'name on the line' to be partner with them.

Dude, they let IBO buy. That's all. Any one would, without putting their credibility "on the line". Nike shoes are really popular among rapists. Nike loses any credibility?

On a side note, I'm not going any where. Break is just a break. Frequencey may vary. I am sepnding more time learning dot net, Visio and football. That's all.

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