Thursday, October 06, 2005

Welcome Ramadan

Alhamdulillah (thank Allah) this is the month of Ramadan. Month to fast, pray and seek rewards from Allah.

Lets abandon sinful practices this month. Quixtar is unislamic, according to the fatwa. Majority of its teaching ain't that Christian either.
Luke 18:25 It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
Religions want you to stay poor?

No, no, no, no, no. Religions want you to understand that these worldly possessions don't mean a thing. Relationship with the creator and fellow human beings is far more important than the stuff we die for.

So live an ordinary life?

No, just live a life. Name some 'extra' ordinary emperor. Alexander the great? What did he take with him? Sure people "remember" him. How many times you did today? Would you really give a rat's ass how some one remembers you after you die? Ok you are a weird fella and you do. How many people will remember a "Diamond" who "impacted" their lives by selling them stupid tapes that should be free?

Dream stealing?

Nah! I'm not stopping ya. My understanding is making money shouldn't be life purpose. Do what you love, love what you do, enjoy precious moments. Just don't scam people. And stop harassing us Desis! You keep on doing that, we'll keep on posting. Just because we are from the same country doesn't mean we owe you some thing, choghad logo.

And look what happens on internet. MLMBlog posted some comments from here. Absolutely ok to do so. See the trackback of that entry. A Japanese blogger posted it on his site! Just like that those 5 lines spread worldwide. What does that mean? There is a BIG audience following Quixtar / Amway, its emotional anecdotes and online moves. Quixtar should become smart now, fast!

Quit being a douchebag

Look what happened at JDate. Meet internet. Can't fool people no more. Sorry! So stop vandalizing Wikipedia, if all you have to do is remove criticism. That’s you, Alticor!

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At 10/07/2005 07:27:00 PM, Anonymous Daniel said...

Hey Imran,
I think that Desis are especially targeted because (at least in the US) they have a reputation of being entrepreneurially minded (Gas Stations, Seven-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts, Subway etc.) the promise of owning your "own" business seems to get to a lot of Desis.
Keep up the good work, I really hope that this whole BS business model will go down in flames. I personally do not have any MLM experience, but friends of mine are in Quixtar, and I am VERY concerned for them.

At 10/08/2005 02:26:00 AM, Blogger Loser said...

You are right. Plus they don't know much about Amway. They are usually prospected by some other desi, whom they trust more than even government.

That is my story too!

At 10/25/2005 12:55:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Imran, why is it you mention MY use profanity of Qblog, but not Any of the Critics?? Even mlm' sent me an email telling me that is was BS for qblog to ban me for harsh language when it was used just as much by others bloggers such as df, rocket, mastergunner and others!

I came on that site level-headed and civil. Until you cry-babies started bashing me, insulting me, and using profanity toward me! Then when I threw it back, you guys needed daddy qblog to protect you! DF told me and another pro-Qx blogger that he F#$%ed our moms and girlfriends, but the hack wannabe blogger "qblog" Never banned him or any other critic!

So don't pretend for a Second, that I was the one that started the vulgarity on that wretched site. I spoke the truth! I had VERY valid points - there was Nothing I couldn't refute. you critbots may not have agreed, but I addressed Every issue ever brought up there from price, to tool money, to success rates.

Even mlm' told me, that me getting banned had Nothing to do with my language, it had everything to do with me being a Big Name on His site and he didn't like that.

Say whatever you want, do whatever you want - I'll send you a postcard from Peter Island.

ps. Ask eric to see the XS pic I sent...

As always... for some valid info on Quixtar visit:

At 10/25/2005 04:33:00 PM, Blogger lawDawg said...

And for ACTUAL valid information on Quixtar, visit:

Or you can accept the company's PR-pablum like a good little sheep.

At 10/26/2005 02:23:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Dateline? You want to talk about Dateline?? Dateline lost ALL credibility as TV News source when they RIGGED GM trucks with sparking devices to create explosions for an expose` they did on the safety of GM trucks during crashes! HOW ARE THEY EVEN STILL ON THE AIR?!

***Go to the Dateline site and read it, and then go to and hear the interviews they didn't do, read the stuff the didn't tell you!

Dateline sells "SENSATIONALISM" - That is what gets ratings, That's what sell ADS! They are NOT a credible news source! Ask GM!!

At 10/26/2005 02:39:00 PM, Blogger lawDawg said...

What a moron you are Tony.

Did you even take the link?


It's not Dateline's site. It's a page full of quotes by judges, law professors, Amway/Quixtar's own founder, congressmen, tax courts . . . etc.

In other words, ACTUAL information from someone other than a Quixtard like yourself or the company's own PR department.

I can't believe you didn't even see what the link was.

No wonder you got suckered into this scam.

At 10/26/2005 04:37:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...


You are a funny guy. I spoke to a quixtar involved friend about the Dateline show. He told me that Dateline rigged the interviews and only interviewed disgruntled IBO's at the functions. Is that what the kingpins taught you guys? Since when do disgruntled IBO's attend functions?

At 10/26/2005 06:00:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

lawdawg, I saw "DATELINE" in the URL of the link. Sorry I didn't bother reading it. I knew anything submited by you is ####.

Joe, I watched the Dateline show, I don't care what you're friend said. I know they weren't interviewing IBOs at functions. But yea, they are probably Some at functions. The truth is is was 3 IBOs unhappy with Quixtar and 1 admitted to being in competition with Qx now!

And hellooo! You gonna adress the GM trucks they rigged and then apologized for!! How can you take Dateline serious after that. I already flippin' explained what they do to get ratings!!

At 10/26/2005 06:49:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

But if Dateline has no credibility, then why all the hoopla over the show?

If you go to the Quixtar News forum, one of the posters was actually at one of the functions depicted in the Dateline show. So was that function rigged?

And Tony, guess what? Dateline offered to interview Quixtar staff or some of the big pins and they all declined!!! Do they have something to hide??

At 10/26/2005 07:20:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

I came on that site level-headed and civil. Until you cry-babies started bashing me, insulting me, and using profanity toward me!

1- QBlog did write this entry

long before banning you. True, some critics used profanity. If you remember, I had some problem with them too. (Over the word ambot), remember?

2- You insulted people who never used profanity.

3- You are assuming QBlog didn't ban any one. I knew about you because you said so in other blogs. He had banned many critics before.

4- Can you point me to entries where DF said so?

5- All of your points were answered. You refused to divulge any useful info and stuck to promoting

True you addressed a lot of issues. That was never the problem. Problem was profanity.

6- mlm means MLMSCAM? Did he say that?

Even mlm' told me, that me getting banned had Nothing to do with my language, it had everything to do with me being a Big Name on His site and he didn't like that.

This is extremely childish. Do you believe that?

I haven't seen MLMSCAM for a while, may be he's banned too ;) And he's a critic :D

Tony: You want to start a blog? I can help you with that.

At 10/27/2005 11:36:00 AM, Blogger lawDawg said...

Oooooh . . . very classy Tony. You're really doing a great job of representing the Quixtar business opportunity now.

As I already told you, the link I gave you includes quotes from the Corporation's own founder, executives and insiders in the tools business demonstrating how corrupt it is along with quotes from an expert on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (heck, the guy that WROTE THE LAW on RICO) and many other sources that have nothing to do with Dateline.

Go ahead, bury your head in the sand and hope nobody takes the link I posted and reads what the business is REALLY about.

I bet most will, though.

Sorry, dude.

You lose again.

At 10/27/2005 11:44:00 AM, Blogger lawDawg said...

For Tony's convenience (since he didn't take the link the first time before shooting his mouth of), here's the link again:

Also, here's a report by Notre Dame Law Professor and author of the Federal RICO statute, Prof. Robert G. Blakey, explaining how Amway (now "Quixtar") operates like organized crime:

Quixtar . . . what a joke . . .

At 10/28/2005 11:30:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

lawdawg, I've looked at your link now and it has a Lot to do with the dateline show - its mentioned several times and even modeled to look like the QR site. All it is, is more biased negative BS mainly about tools, etc. I AM OVER THE TOOLS ARGUMENT!

You think your some hotsh*t lawyer? Dude, you don't impress me. The tools are optional, bottom line! Do Diamonds make money on them? Yeaa! So did your law school! My upline Ruby makes money when I buy toothpaste, that doesn't bother anyone? Why is it a scam that he makes money on a CD that I choose to buy? If I move 1 CD, I get a certain price. If he moves 1000 CD's, he gets a Lower price... and therefore makes money - I'm sure you took at least 1 business class! I know the business is good, not perfect - but good!

Joe, you get dumber by the post! Why all the hoopla? Cause its frickin Dateline! Its on TV! The thing with GM was buried, it happened around 1993, most people don't know about it, so they see that the thing about Quixtar and believe it. Not all people... I've met IBO's that saw that show Before getting started, and said "I knew if the liberal media was bashing it, there had to be more to the story, I could see how slanted it was."

Joe, big woop that you knew a guy at one of those functions. Of course the function wasn't rigged! But they Definitely took things out of context, and slanted almost everything negative.

And Joe - Use Your Brain! Why do you think they declined to go on camera?? Did you even read They KNEW that Dateline would do the SAMETHING they did at the functions. They would take the interviews out of context to make them look bad! They would essentially do what they did with GM. Man, GET a CLUE!

"Loser", thats great that qblog wrote an article trying to tell critics to not be so negative. HUH? that the Nature of his Site! So what's your point, great he wrote an article saying don't make it a "pissing match". He still banned me for typing cr@p, sh!T, and F#$% in maybe a dozen out of my 250 posts, but does NOTHING to DF, when saying he F'ed my mom and girlfriend! And ALL the other profanity used by Several critcs! Its was BS!

2. Get one thing straight buddy! I insulted people who insulted ME!!! I don't care if they cussed or not - if they threw insults or BS at me - I threw it Back!

3. I never saw him ban anyone! People would throw out profanity, and still be posting the next day! Oh, I'm sure he's banned a critic before - but he didn't ban Df, or rocket- both a couple of scum buckets!

4.No, I'm not gonna waste my time going thru 4 months of posts to find where df made those comments! Somebody out there knows the truth! He said it! He told me and another pro-Qx person that he F'ed our mom and girlfriend! He is a lowlife piece of gutter scum!

5. And all Your points were answered too! The whole blog was dancing in circles! I addressed Every issue! You critics may not agree with it, I may not agree with you, but I gave my answers. Don't you EVER say I refused to divulge any useful info! just backed it up! Don't pretend it was a cop out, it was extra proof!

The problem was not profanity and it is BS that you critics keep brining that up! I debated Every topic with valid points for 4 months!! Then After MONTHS of being insulted and bashed and misquoted by critbots, I lose my temper and drop an f#bomb, and I get banned, but its OK that the critics did it? Forget it, he's a narrow-minded hack.

6. YES, he said that!! Send me an email at and I'll Forward you the message! MLM' did NOT get banned! He told me he was thru with that site, cause Eric (qblog) was an @#$hole!

I don't know if mlm's reason why QB banned me is true, that would be childish. All I know is other Critics used bad language, but They're still posting! He could have screened my posts, he could've set a delay. It doesn't matter, MLM' said he's never going back, neither am I. I not egotistical, but even MLM' said that without me posting on the main blog the site was slow. With him gone too, I can see the site dieing. Will it ever completely die? No, probably not. Cause they'll always be enough skeptics spreading rumors and bitter people looking to vent, and cry-babies whinos, looking to pass blame.

Get over it and get on with your life! When are you people gonna realize that there are teams out there that are building it right and ethically! And all you are dong is trying to destroy people's dreams! Fix the problem- Treat the symptoms, don't cut off the head! (Sorry this was long, but otherwise I get accused of not addressing issues :)

At 10/28/2005 01:14:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Tony the kingpins and Quixtar had a chance to be interviewed to rebutt the Dateline show and instead they chose to declient only to post a generic answer on their website. The diamonds then told their downline that disgruntled IBO's werethe only ones that were interviewed. Not true! They interviewed someone who said he was making 250K and he said it was easy!

Exactly what was taken out of context Tony? The show featured a real function, people are loing a lot of money (you call it working your way up) and a fortune is being made off tools. What is out of context?

Oh and Tony, you insulted me despite the fact that I have never called you any names.

At 10/28/2005 05:16:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Where exactly did he say that Tony? I can't find it. I never read it but I don't read every comment. QBlog didn't delete that comment? That must be because he didn't read it. So it must be there. C’mon, make your case stronger here.

You won't see any one getting banned. QBlog keeps it discrete. I knew about you because u were shouting ;)

Thus you are assuming no one else got banned / warned. WRONG. Many critics got banned and warned. I've been banned too! For a week, when I didn’t act on warning.

I see you annoying many pro Quixtar ppl as well :) Well, whatever works for you, Tony.

Btw all you said was, shit happens in some other lines, not mine which I won't state it anyway. So yes you addressed many issues, with above lines.

And that was never the problem was it?

Regarding site getting boring, dude, grow up. There is really great discussion going on in forum. Comments were, as you said, going in circles for months.

I’d rather have 15 quality comments than 100 pages drivel. 1 or two comments and a lot more readers. I dunno, there are just so many parameters that makes a blog “interesting” than posters. Forum is different story.

You want to start a blog? I can help. (For free!) I have helped IBOs before.

At 10/31/2005 11:18:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

Joe, if I went back thru 5 months of posts and Never found a sly remark from you or diss on me- then I apologize for ever calling you a name. I think a Lot of your posts use some pretty messed up logic, and are straight up Wrong, but I sincerely apologize for calling you a moron, etc. But if a search of Every post you ever made came back with a single insult, sly remark, bashing of any type, then I stand by it and say you shouldn't have dished it out. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Now 'Loser'- where exactly did who say what? If you means mlm's comments - he told me this in an email, which I said i would forward. If you mean DF's comments, I told you he said it in a post! To me and another pro-Qx person. I understand you may not have read it, and I know qblog doesn't read Every comment, but DF said it! I don't know which topic its in, or ir qblog ever found it or deleted it!

You say to make my case stronger?? I just told you I am NOT going to waste HOURS going thru 5 months of posts! Are you insane? What does it even matter? Why don't you post to, or email DF and ask if he ever threw out an insults like that. If he has any integrity, he'll own up to it.

But it doesn't matter, this is a total waste of time.

You all take care.

At 10/31/2005 12:34:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Hey Tony,

Of course I threw in a few subtle remarks with you, but I never resorted to name calling or personal attacks. I think your main beef was with Rocket, DF, and MLMscam. In fact I think I agree with you on many points.

The thing is Tony, when people are criticizing the business, they are not necessarily criticizing you personally, yet it seems like you take it that way. I'm not defending everyone as some of the "critbots" did add in a personal touch on some of their posts.

I believe my opinion on the business was the same as yours when I was in the business.

Our biggest point of contention is whether people are "losing money" or whether they are "working their way up". I truly believe if you look at the bottom line, then they are losing money and while some will make money, the majority do not, ergo, they lose money. If the success rate of the IBO's were greater, then I would subscribe to the position that they are working their way up.

At 10/31/2005 05:41:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Joe, we agree on the name calling. Although more than a 'few' critbots resorted to it, in regards to me. But I'm over it. If someone calls me a moron, I'm gonna fire back. If you sling some mud at me, expect to have some slung at you. Fair enough?

Now, I understand your point about losing money vs working your way up. And it totally comes down to perspective. I could make the argument that every college student is 'losing money, based on bottom line, correct? I mean come on, thats what your saying. At $25,000 a year total expenses, books, tuition, room & board, gas, etc... after 3 years of college a student is $75,000 in debt or Poorer with nothing to show for it, not even a piece of paper. But obviously they're investing in themselves and 'working their way up.' A negative perspective says they've lost money! A positive perspective says they're investing in themselves and working they're way up.

Same with TKD, you wouldn't look at a brand new student with a whitebelt and say, "ha! you're a failure, you're only a whitebelt." Or even a yellow belt. As long as he's coming to class, listening to what his mentor is telling him, practricing, developing discipline and a work habit, the student is working his way up.

Same with this business. A negative perspective would say, "you're losing money" - a positive persepctive would say, "I'm investing in myself", I'm developing a work habit, I'm listening to my mentor,"... same as with in the TKD & college example.

Do you not see that? How can you have that mentality with the business, but think about it differently with college. And please we've already discussed succes rates. If you're gonna base your success on somebody else's faillure, then don't ever aspire to do anything.

I set my goal to get my 2nd degree black-belt, something well less than 1% of TKD ever do - but I Still Did It!

When Roger Banister ran the mile in under 4minutes, he was the 1st person to EVER do it! That means ZERO %! But HE still did it, and now over 2000 people have too! So I don't care if JoeSchmoe tried it and failed. My mentors have done! And so will I!

With the low cost, Anyone can sign up, thats why so many do. But owning your own succesful business is Not for just anyone, thats why so many quit. So many quit TKD too, didn't stop me from getting my blackbelt! Didn't stop me from finding students that want to learn. And I'm doing the same with my business :)

At 11/01/2005 12:24:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Working your way up vs. losing money.

Tony, college is not really a good comparison. Sure in college, if you don't finish, perhaps you have lost money, but I believe more than half of people who attend college graduate and stats show that college graduates earn more than non college grads.

TKD is a better comparison, where people progress, some will become experts (blackbelt), some will progress but not make it and some wil drop out. The difference here is that as you get better, you belt changes color, indicating the progress.

In quixtar, you may get a pin but it's not an indication that you are making money. At the 1000 PV level and 2500 level I was losing money. Granted my expenses were higher than most due to being in Hawaii. But my expenses were also higher because our upline expected us to push the tools hard. Now I know not all uplines are the way mine was, but it's pretty evident that there are many unethical uplines for every good one. How is one to know who's good and who's not?

Also, the issue over who is succeeding. We had a good debate with a new poster on the qblog site forum. Came to the conclusion that number of diamonds in amquix, including some of the international ones would be somewhere between 100 to 300. Not bad but considering amway/quixtar is over 35 years old and millions have attempted to secure the residual income, that's not a high rate of success.

And as some have pointed out, if you did walk away from the business, you would have to pay someone to service your group or the bonuses would be passed upline. Also, if you walk away from the business, the attrition would eventually eat away at your group until there were no bonuses to speak of.

At 11/01/2005 03:54:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Tony: You are accusing DF of something. Burden of proof is on you. It is provable. It’s not he said something to you in person; it’s saved online which he can’t even delete. It can’t get easier than that. Prove it or don't say it.

You prove it and you have a mighty strong case against QBlog, the guy who beat Quixtar on google.

E.g. I have a proof my LOS is corrupt. They break law every second by having H1 Visa do Quixtar. That's why they are not suing me.

Also, you are assuming QBlog only banned you. You are assuming no other person got banned. I got banned, once. Did he ban you without warning? If so than it may be not fair. Maybe (it’s his site after all) but if he warned you then you banned yourself my friend.

I don't know who else got banned but I don't see many regulars there any more. Perhaps they were your fans ;) You should start your blog buddy!

As far as I understand, QBlog was just not happy with the comments quality.

At 11/02/2005 11:35:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

Joe, I'm too busy at work to keep dancing in circles with you. college is not a perfect analogy, but it is a good one! So is TKD, and YES just like TKD has belts to show your progression, so does the business. Guess what Joe, I don't have your expenses!! I don't have to fly from Hawaii to go to a function I usually drive 2-5 hours! And I don't have an upline Telling me to buy 7 tapes a week! I buy 1 CD a week! By my own CHOICE! I chose to buy textbooks too in college, yes the differnce there is, they were Required! Most people at 2500 are making $500, after a couple hundred dollars of expenses.

And DO NOT say that there are Many unethical uplines for every good one! you state that liek it's just FACT! Like you're some omnipotent force that knows the heart of every person! All you knew was YOUR upline! Even if he was unethical, you don't know me, and MY upline! I have met ALOT of IBO's in this business. I've been to 5 different Opens in 4 different states. I been to a dozen functions and rallies. I've never met anyone that I felt was shady or had anyone talk about someone they knew that was shady. The business weeds these people out, cause no one wants to be on the team of a jerk they feel is using them. My sponsor is Helping me, and I help the people I've sponsored. Please keep your off-based assumptions to yourself.

Once AGAIN, I don't care about the rate of success! How Many Times do I have to Tell You?? Don't base your success on someone elses faillure! Did you get my point of the roger Banister story? NO ONE had ever run the mile in under 4 minutes when he set out to do it, NO ONE! That's 0%! ZERO! But he did it! And now 2000 other people have too!

Not to mention you don't have to be a Diamond to be successful! Some people don't even WANT to be a Diamond. I have people on my team that simply buy some of the products to get the base price and receive the bonus! They do NOT go to the Opens or seminars, they Don't buy CDs, they Don't Show the Plan! Yet your counting ALL those people as failures, against our success rate! Thats BS!

And you are Totally WRONG about what you said about walking away from your group! Your bonus is NOT passed upline! If you were set up on Auto-renew, and had 100pv on Ditto, as long as you had your 50pv M/C (maybe 1 bar/gym selling XS) you would get a bonus every month! If you had 3 guys at 2500pv, you would be a Platinum. You'd get the Q-12 bonus, the trip etc! If you don't renew or don't meet the FTC's 50pv client criteria, Thenand Only then would your bonus go upline! You are misinformed.

Remember the System is seperate from Qx! Qx does not require Anyone to go to any seminars. If you're an Emerald, you don't HAVE to do anything. Just because you don't do Team meetings or talk at conferences doesn't mean your bonus is going upline? If you're renewing, and doing the PV, you're gonna get paid.

If my sponsor took some time off, & quit showing up, I'm still gonna build my business! I'm not gonna quit. I'm still gonna go to the Opens/trainings, and STP, and still go Platinum. As long as he renews and does his M/C points he's gonna get paid!

At 11/02/2005 11:58:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

And 'Loser' (Imran),
I have already told you! HE SAID IT!! Ask HIM if he said it. I am NOT going to read thru 5 months of posts just to prove he said it! It wouldn't change a thing! Not to mention it may have been deleted by qblog. I understand you are aware that he has deleted/edited posts.

Qblog may have banned other people, but he banned me for good! For LESS than what other poster did! I never spelled out a cuss word, it was always Sh!t or @$$, or f#@k. I saw people SPELL OUT the F-word, and wer still posting the next day!

I realize he can't read every post, but its funny how he read all of MY posts! He never saw the foul language of Df or rocket, or the guy who didn't even bother to disgu!se the f-word!

He may have warned me and may have warned others, but the point is he blocked me for good! Other people said worse than me and I saw them still posting. My pont is, he was harsher on me! He watched ME with a closer eye!

That fact that he still welcomed me on the forum but not the Main blogpage, kinda supports what mlm' said. To me the forum is buried. The main blog site is what people see, its Right There! He didn't want me on that site! Me using @,#,$,% was a l@me@$$ excuse to ban me!

But it doesn't matter, like you said, Many of the regulars have not been posting lately. I've looked at the numbers of comments. He better do something, cause the posting is getting stagnant! I'm not saying its all me, but you have to admit, with me gone the mainblog is a LOT slower. So I'm kinda glad I got banned.

At 11/02/2005 08:30:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Hey Tony,

Why don't you visit the forum? There some pretty good discussion in there now and there's some pro-q guys there who have made good points.

At 11/04/2005 04:28:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Because I would live in there and be nothing but totally Frustrated! In the main blog, there were only a few topics a week, minimal time spent debating. I debated on forums before (before Quixtar). I would end up debating on every single thread and waste WAY too much time.

Not to mention I would inevitably throw out a "pull your head out of your @$$ comment" and give qblog a reason to ban me there too! Maybe I'll visit there sometime, but I value my job right now, and need to get my work done... which wouldn't happened if I started posting in several threads. I'm just gonna buckle down at work and in my biz, and be successful at both.

I like my job, but I would much rather sleep til 10am each day, spend it teaching self-defense, golfing, helping others, with my family, watching movies, etc - instead of sitting behind a desk 9+ hours a day helping my CEO make millions. I'd rather help my friends and family make millions. Or even just 100's of 1000's.

At 11/04/2005 08:06:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Hey do you teach golfing? or just play?

I'm crazy about golfing now.

At 11/09/2005 10:26:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

Teach golf?, heck no! I just play. I'm OK, but I'm nowhere good enough to teach it. But as they say, even a bad day on the golf course, beats a good day at the office!

(Unless you love your job, like wording with disabled children, nurse, teacher, etc.)

But yea, I like golf too. I like playing teams, like a 4-man sramble, where you play "best ball". That way you can still compete against other 4-somes, but you've got a team to "pick you up" in case you're just terrible at teeing off, putting etc. Plus I love the scenary.

It's sport, mild exercise, nice scenary, usually good company, (maybe a couple beers)... pretty fun time!

At 11/10/2005 07:22:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Bowling is good. Especially with a few beers.

At 11/15/2005 06:25:00 PM, Blogger nncouple said...

Friends, Stay out of this Quixtar business. Both we and my wife are from Bombay, India and have been involved with Quixtar for the past 3 years. For the past 3 years we have been showing a loss of $12K - $15K each and every year in our IRS statements. We came to this land of opportunity in 1999 and started our Quixtar business in 2002.
The problem with Quixtar is it is very easy to get into this business (just couple of 100's of dollars to get started). However the most difficult part is to quit the business, even though the financial losses and the deceit are obvious. The reason is you become part of a bigger team, your upline (the person who bring you in this business) becomes your best friend, you become friends with other people of the team and the people you recruit (bring into the business). You recruit people by offering to help them make some extra income. All these people start relying and get dependant on you. Walking away from people who have become close to you, with whom you have spent countless late nights (post meeting sessions), with whom you have traveled across the country to attend conferences is the most difficult part. Today, though we are more or less inactive( I have stopped attending meetings, my wife still attends) and the word is spreading in the team that we are going slow, we get countless phone calls from people in the team trying to pull us back into the whole thing.

Dependency is the basic principle of this business. From the very first day you start this business, you are told to stop thinking and to stop being creative. One of the cardinal rules taught is that you should not do anything new without checking with your upline.
I know people, who check with their upline, which color suit to buy and from where to buy. I remember buying a new mobile phone without checking with my upline. I could notice the anger on my upline’s face and heard plenty of indirect comments about not being loyal to the upline and not checking with the upline. The tapes / cd’s, books, seminar’s and conferences are tools of this business. These tools are very very addictive. Once you get hooked on to them, you want to hear them again and again. These tapes are recorded from speeches by successful people in the business and are mostly rags to riches stories and the struggle people have overcome to build the business. On listening to these tapes / cd’s again and again and from different couples, you finally start believing you can become as successful as them and will start defying logic and factual data. 99% of people loose money in this business. We were loosing heavily, but continued to believe the opposite, thanks to the brainwashing tapes / cd’s. All these tools convey the same messages: ‘If you quit you are a loser.’ ‘The smartest way to build the business is to stop questioning the system and to follow the system.’ ‘Listen to your upline, they have the best intentions for your success.’ ‘Your closest friends and relatives are your biggest dream stealers. Hence do not listen to your closest friends and relatives.’ These messages are repeated again and again until you really start believing in them and start following them. A person who refuses to acknowledge these messages is considered a poor listener.

We went Platinum in May’05(a level in the business less that 2% reach). Our uplines gifted us a nice pen set. After the gift we were told that we have reached a level where we have to become very careful about making any decisions ourself. We were asked if we intended to start a family. We replied, yes we do. We were told to hold back and postpone it for couple of more years, until we had a solid Emerald level business. A solid Emerald business would give us all the bucks and the time that we will desperately need with kids. Every Indian I know of in my team (80% indians), except the few who are the team leaders are loosing money.
I know this is a very long post, but please, please stay out of this business, unless you have ample of money to loose. This request is coming from the bottom of our hearts. What is mentioned in this post is just a few of countless mind controlling activities. We went through a horrible phase in the last 3 years.
Thank God, I am out of it and helping my wife to slowly walk out of it too. She being a woman is very emotional and is taking a little longer to detach from the environment.


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