Saturday, September 10, 2005

Quixtar return policy

I had great experience with Quixtar return policy. God knows I have returned shirts after washing them 3 times, and shit load of artistry (client orders). All they asked was packaging and invoice number. Time limit was six months then. Now 3 months, still not bad.

After I quit, calculated my losses and read and quixtarBlog, I realized that Quixtar "Opportunity" is scam, motivational organizations are blood suckers, my upline is a crook etc. and overall business model is 'negative' for the majority. But I always rated their customer service as number 1.

Few months ago I ordered Nutrilite Muscle fearlessly. I can return it so what the hell. I had to when I accidently saw Gelatin on label (not Halal). My stupidity, I didn't read the ingredients before ordering. I used 3 pills. No big deal, shipped it back. Following things happened:
  • No free return postage any more for Canada. Canada postage laws prohibited it, they said
  • Got reimbursed for postage on Credit Card instead.
  • Return package has to be insured. Insurance is not reimbursed I guess.
  • Didn't get the product re-imbursement! $37ish.
Mailing error perhaps? I emailed them, no answer. Maybe the poonani at Canada post screwed it. She was glaring at my MLM Narcotics shirt. She was desi so she could be IBO! Anyways, I didn't get reimbursed and I'm not buying from them again. At least I could be emailed the reason why they're not giving my money back.

Whatever, they got this post now. I get 80 hits per day, same as Quixtar Marketing manager and president of passport, so you can kiss this post.

What is your online shopping experience, other than Quixtar? Website, customer service, return, support?

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