Thursday, September 01, 2005

MO, Scott Larsen and Bananas

Orrin Woodward is a Quixtar IBO who founded a Motivational Organization TOD / TEAM.

Scott Larsen analyzed it and his opinion was it was an illegal pyramid.

This drove Orrin bananas.

He sued Scott, threw thousands and thousands of dollars, got those pages removed after one year of an expensive legal battle. After all, we got best legal system money can buy!

I mirrored them, Scott saw them and asked me to remove them. He never asked me to mirror them. It drove me bananas since I got them from public domain and there is no court order on them. But I removed them anyway. Case was going on so I thought it might help him.

Case was over, Orrin apparently had his way. He had more money! Case was over so I put them up again. Still, no court order on them.

They forced Scott to ask folks to remove their mirrors. How they did it? no idea! But I guess Orrin and Co. might be going bananas. Obviously! Thousands of dollars for nothing. He wanted me to sign an affidavit that he didn't ask me to mirror it. He didn't! Drove me bananas since it was 'free' and 'open' content, but I removed them, again. I can not understand what is illegal about them but not very eager to keep fighting with Scott. Any mention of mirrors drives Scott Larsen bananas. Try it, ask him! Maybe costs him legal fees, or pave road for another lawsuit, I dunno.

Now this whole fiasco should, as an American, drive you bananas. Read those pages. There is nothing libel. An analysis, that's it. Its harassment against freedom of speech if you ask me! If you are not going bananas, you should be going bananas for not being 'free' enough.

You wonder why not mirror it in China, Iran, North Korea or some ubber crazy country where ubber crazy US laws don't apply. I could use proxy plugin to hide my IP, and could have mirrored it secretly at least in Pakistan or India, but I didn't. Why? Don't ask me, it drives me bananas.

Remember one thing, we got the best legal system money can buy!

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