Friday, March 18, 2005

TOD vs Scott Larsen

PACER is amazing! Dude, u gotta check it out. I searched for one of my upline there and found that every Friday he used to take a goat and heads towards Las Vegas. What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas. Then he returned alone, claiming to have eaten the whole goat.

The IBO claimed he BBQ'd the goat and preferred to do so in the glittering Las Vegas. It was perfectly legal there! He did so EVERY week.

Until a blogger found about it and reveal the shocking news that ......

Ok I'll stop here. You might be a redneck if you believed for a second that it was true.

Yes pacer is not as much fun. But here is what I find about Scott Larsen vs. TOD case. No goats there, no monkeys either (stop crying). No, no animals. Except some lawyers.

This is it

Download it, read it, distribute it, delete it, undelete it, crap on it, sell it on ebay as crap of some celebrity, download it again, repeat. Point, it's a PUBLIC document. United states of America said it's public so it's public. I can publish it, serve ice cream on it, make air planes, write down my shopping list. See, it's usefull.

If you don't get fired up reading it, we'll return your money back. No fooling. What you have to loose?

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