Tuesday, March 15, 2005

MO endorses Jason: Sinking in Quixand

Sinking In Quixand: IBO Facts: Straight Answers to Tough Questions

Following the O great leaders of freedom, MO announces the MO's endorsement of Jason's exclusive Sinking in Quixand Blog.

Mo anounces today that Jason brought up a great point
I'll agree that the larger a company, the more legal hassles one would have to contend with. But the thing that strikes me is that when I think about a similar company like a Wal-Mart, or a K-Mart, or even a McDonald's (I use them for comparison because Amway/Quixtar loves comparing their business model to that of Ray Kroc's), there is one glaring difference in the lawsuits filed against them.

They don't center around the same thing.

With companies like the ones I mention above you will hear about any number of things that the general public sues them over. Slippery floors, scalding beverages, discrimination, health issues, and the list goes on.

With Amway/Quixtar the lawsuits all seem to come back to two things: Tools and corruption.
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The real blogger, "MO is dedicated to serving and protecting the interests of general public facing Quixtar-powered Independent Business Owners (IBOs) throughout North America," states MO, member of Homosapien clan. Governed by rules of morality, the MO:

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