Sunday, March 13, 2005

MLM Blog - Quixtar related entries GONE

MLM Blog

You guys love this blog don't you? I did!! It has excellent commentary about Quixtar, one of our favourite topics. It is a passport blog, but many passport folks have been former IBOs as well. Including Former Diamond Bo short. I loved their insights as these guys are pro MLM but point out the problems with Quixtar. A different perspective than and many other dudes who think MLM sucks :) Well MLM does suck but to hear problem with an MLM from some one who cares about the industry is......priceless and valuable for the industry.

And guess what? All Quixtar related links are gone!!! Whole Quixtar category gone!! Just like that.

Well it's their blog. BUT a blog is not an isolated entity. Blog success is dependent on it's writer, it's readers, commenters and the other bloggers who link that blog. That's where I have a problem. As a reader, commenter and some one who linked that blog in this blog and in forums.

One of the blogging rule: When you remove a post, give readers, commenters and other bloggers some notice, some warning.

MLM Blog is highly ranked in google. A lot of ppl used to learn about Quixtar from that blog. They reached that blog via search engines. How that blog attain good ranking? Bloggers link to that blog!!! Now if those entries are yanked, just like that, it's cheating to whole community. Seems to me that Passport folks attain that ranking by capitalizing on the criticism on Quixtar and then all of sudden removed those entries. Not fair. And it sucks. It sucks big time.

Think about it. You voted a democrat, and after winning, he jumped the roster and became a republican. How would you feel?

Bad bad blogging. How do I know? Just luck. I didn't recieve any notice or any thing.

This particular move make me wonder some blogger's motive. I'm sorry but what else do you expect? I used to like passport. Why? Honesty. More precisely, honest blogging.

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At 3/14/2005 10:54:00 PM, Anonymous MLMBlog said...

The blog in question is my site. I was recently appointed President of Passport and I take that responsibility seriously. As President of Passport, people may take my views as what everyone in Passport thinks and that's not right.

My views have not changed, but I am in a different position and I would hope that you would respect that.

By the way, if you do a seach on my sites you will find 8 google pages of entries related to "Quixtar".

At 3/14/2005 11:35:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Yes. It is YOUR site. But what is a site, more specifically, a blog?

It's combination of writer + readers + commenters + linkers. It's not only you who have written there. Is it? What if QBlog yanks a forum, just like that? How about stuff documented there?

Whatever, I kinda suspected the reason, and of course, respect that, but it shouldn't be ME writing about it. An explanation would be appropriate. I know what u r now, but if your views aren't changed, well, you could transfer them to separate blog. Kind aarchive. Even if you stop writing about Quixtar, it won't matter much. It will be all burried in archive. Preserving the links / comments etc.

Anyways, me going to play with the google link you gave.

It's just that some of the stuff their was great. And it's not cool to see it go away 'sneakily'.


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