Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tim has a better idea

Random Observations: The Quixtar/Amway Sales Pitch

By Tim's Blog Random Observations
Please, everyone, send all of your money to me. If you do, there's a small chance I might someday mail it back to you, multipled many times. If I feel like it.

But no, all of you are too involved with your 'negativity'. If you would just put away your 'negativity', stop looking for facts and checking to see if my claims are actually true or relevant, you would then realize what a great opportunity I'm giving you.

Don't let your friends and relatives, all of who aren't rich, tell you what do. Instead, please listen to me, a complete stranger, who definitely has your best interests at heart.

Again, they're not rich! What would they know about building a business system? Listen to me instead. (And no, why on earth should I show you my tax returns to prove whether I'm rich, either?)

Look, you can sit and home and mope for the rest of your life. Or you can be positive, and do something about it. Get out that checkbook and start writing that big check to me NOW.

Look around: Do you see other people working? Their bosses will always make more than they will. They're not going to have a fraction of the wealth I will once you send me those checks. Do you want to be a loser, just like them? No? Then send me a check! Right now!

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