Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ready to rumble?

I swear, if one more person prospects me, it’s gonna get physical!! I am tired of all IBOs, and all mlmers who are interested in making a stranger their 'business partner'. I won't make 'me' my 'business partner' if I don't know a bit of a background, and it will NOT happen in a grocery store. No matter how 'sharp' I look.

Look, I live in Canada. Here even beggars are nice! At traffic signals, they try to make an eye contact, and when you start looking away, they won't bug you. End of story! Once a beggar just started cleaning my windshield without asking and I had a toony by chance and I gave it to him. Basically he made me laugh! But I never saw him again. It was a bit of bullying but I guess he was taken care of.

My point, even beggars don't bother ppl that much, why do you? I was once one of you, but fortunately didn't do a lot of C list. Even then, if some one had given me a nasty reply, I might not end up losing $10K? So think about it, I'll be doing a favor to you :-)

This move is especially for Mr. Shake-hand MLMers. Don't break the hand shake and pull the mlmer toward you. Then just when their right shoulder is near your right shoulder, move the right arm and clothesline them.

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At 12/12/2004 06:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


That makes no sense. They present you with such a great opportunity, and your plan is to blow it? You can't hurt them physically. Change your plan. You can only hurt them psychologically, and every time they approach you the ball is in your court. Take it and run. Do something intelligent. That's my opinion.

Outsider's Perspective

At 12/13/2004 01:02:00 AM, Blogger Loser said...

It was a tounge-in-cheek comment, c'mon, o/p.

Best way is to show IBO OUR plan. Muhahahaha. Just getting rid of them is a peace of cake. e.g.

I am also an IBO
I'll love to see your open, can I record it?
I'm a reporter. I'll love to meet with you.

And there are million other ways.


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