Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bush + Republicans + Amway = Fraud

Bush Republicans Amway = Fraud - Independent Media TV

This article is the first in an investigative series covering the Amway Scandal.

December 07,2004 - Former Amway insider, Eric Scheibeler, has written a must read new book called 'Merchants Of Deception.' This one time member of the Amway motivational cult has turned whistleblower and FBI witness and boy does he have some tales to tell.

In the book, Scheibeler exposes an Enron sized fraud with Amway raking In billions of dollars annually, and the billionaire founding families being the largest soft money contributors to the GOP, with funds that have been generated from what may turn out to be one of the largest consumer fraud scandals in history, perpetrated by the world's largest multi-level marketing company (MLM).

The former Federal Auditor has also has a website, www.merchantsofdeception.com, that reveals the close ties between Amway and Republicans.

As a life long conservative, Scheibeler was discouraged to both discover and document that 'the GOP seems to have been hijacked by political payoffs from an industry that is rife with consumer deception, and bogus 'business opportunity' selling.' He goes on to say that it's 'time this secret influence peddling and the harm it causes consumers and our democracy are revealed. I was on the inside for nine years. I saw it with my own eyes. I also have the internal documents, financials, and the audio and video tapes to prove it.'

Merchants of Deception exposes the company's deceptive marketing of phony business opportunities and other secret scams by Amway's top promoters to sell so-called success tools to unsuspecting recruits all over the world. It also contains first hand accounts of the Kingpin's fraudulent recruitment practices that have led to an endless stream of lawsuits.

Scheibeler & Dateline Team Up In Sting Operation....

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