Thursday, February 24, 2005

I wonder why is that?

In my all encounters with Quixtar IBOs, I've noticed some thing. It is wierd. Most of them basically says the same thing:

"If you don't like Quixtar, fine. Do what you like. Don't waste your time criticizing it".

Hmmm, so why don't that like hearing opinion different than theirs? I do waste my time watching movies. Never heard any condencending remarks about it by IBOs. I've even heard from IBOs who said, or at east claimed that selling tools is "criminal" yet they bash people who speak up against the "crime".

I just don't understand. Why Quixtar IBOs can't stand to hear any thing against this (scam) opportunity? Why? I'm not pushing them to sign up, I'm not twisting their arm to cough up $500 to drive 15,00 miles and hear Right wing nut job's Quixtianity. I'm just voicing my opinion and I keep hearing, "move on". Which means "Don't say any thing negative about Quixtar."


PS: I was extremely busy at work to blog. I love my work :)
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