Tuesday, March 15, 2005

MO lauds SymmetryTruth

About a year ago, I met and invited someone to a Christian organization I'm with.

I learned about his Quixtar connection after I left Symmetry. Of course, he proposed that I join him. I refused.

I recently learned that he has a dream similar to mine, so I'm able to help him.

Based on recent research, I'm surprised that he is still coming to this Christian organization's meetings. I did e-mail him information about getting out of Amway. We haven't spoken since.

I do believe he is as uncomfortable around me I am around him.

I was with this Christian organization for seven years. I have a history, so they helped me out.

I sure hope my Quixtar friend sees that he should get out of MLM. He has no "real" acting experience (on stage or screen, like I do), but he does have acting experience - living and promoting the Amway/Quixtar lie.

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At 4/06/2005 02:22:00 PM, Anonymous SD389*** said...

Thanks for linking to SymmetryTruth.

At 4/11/2005 04:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who Are you?


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