Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quixtar Playbook # 1

IBO posts are comically similar. Apparently they don't bother to read and just write an angry fiery message. In Quixtar boards they're known as "Straight from Quixtar Playbook".

Yours truly is compiling that book! It will save IBOs time. After all, they're busy doing some thing 'significant'. They can just copy paste, giving me $10 / message of course.

I'm so excited about them. Look at this dude. Are they supposed to be so negative about negativity? My upline (Ahmer Azam) taught me on our very first meeting you should be! If any one says any thing bad about Quixtar e.g. it's a scam, get as angry as they have said something bad about your family. (I swear, that's what the guy said. Driving on Hwy 401 W, August 2002)

Oh yea, too all you dummies who think it's a scam or whatever retarded comments you make, I guess Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shops, Circuit City, Office Max, Nike, Rebock, Whirlpool, Jockey, KB Toys, etc. Oh wait yea Ace Hardware just joined recently to Quixtar. Perhaps they all thought it was a good idea and not a scam, perhaps they wouldnt tarnish their image on a scam. Yea, I'm sure you dummies know more about business than those about those large corporate businesses. Oh and by the way, I have many other physicians as friends who are profitable in this business. And one more thing to point out, Wal-Mart has 15,000 negative websites and thousands of lawsuits per month. But it looks like you dummies need to post more stuff about Wal-Mart and how evil they are, and how much they scam people and what-not. Yes and it is 50 Cents to make a CD and $8.00 to buy one in the BWW organization. So I guess you morons are too dumb and end up buying music CD's for for $14-$16. Hey it costs 2X as much to buy a non-learning music CD but I dont hear you idiots complain? Oh yea and for those of you who talk about Quixtar being a scam or whatever. I own 2 businesses, a Spine rehab practice and my Quixtar business. And I guess you guys complain because it's fact, you are broke. Plain and simple. Large corporate business like Wal-Mart & Quixtar will continue to make money while you stay broke. Hah I bet none of you complainers own a business. I own a conventional business and a multi-level marketing business so I know both well. I know none of you complainers have the guts to own a conventional business, which is why you cry. Whiners and babies. WAHHHHHH! I can't make money so I have to down a business that does. WAHAAAAH. Seriously, that's exactly what you sound like. Hah you guys make me laugh. Keep posting I love looking at what morons have to say from time to time to relieve my stress from work.

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At 8/28/2005 11:48:00 PM, Blogger Eric said...

Pace yourself dude. It's all about pacing.

At 9/03/2005 05:45:00 AM, Blogger Chris Andrews said...

I think it's fantastic that there's an advert for Dextar Yager's blog at the end of this post!

I visited it, and wow, not updated since Dec 2004! That's one fired up IBO! Or not.


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