Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Products of Heaven

Winter 2003. We were in training session after open in Radisson Hotel, Toronto. Speaker called a lady. She told that her son swallowed SA8 and she dialed medical help. They assured her that Amway SA8 is safe. If it was TIDE or some other product then the baby had to go to hospital.


Couple months later, my mom and sponsor lady were doing a SAM session. Sponsor lady was an "Expert" of that. D'oh, one client had a reaction to an artistry cream! Maybe skin diagnosis was wrong, I dunno.

My point: Quixtar / Amway products are no more safer or better than the products out there. Unless you are better with artistry than your kids, I really don't see an "absolute" reason to use these products.

Ugly truth: There's always a better and cheaper product out there. Does that mean other products are not sold? No. In fact, with good marketing techniques, some average products do more business. Wal-mart products are average quality, yet their sales sky rocket. For many products they sell, there is a cheaper / better product somewhere.

But wal-mart has a pimp marketing / distribution strategy.

In that SAM session, we generated a lot of PV for our downline, but our personal clients were finished in last SAM session and we didn't have much sale. We bought 300 PV again with of course, subtle pressure from our "God gifted" upline. He was going to "retire" in December 2004, F.Y.I.

O the people I haven't punched.....

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