Friday, September 02, 2005

MLM and legal threats

Some MLM company that threatens to sue anyone who mentions its name

What's up with MLM and it's need to stay secret? And they love to go for 'copywrite' suits. Not the validatiy of information, because it is usually true! This dude is sued just because he linked to the company website using their name!!!!
I have received a letter from a US law firm accusing me of infringement of trademark rights owned by a company called Nutrition for Life International Inc. This alleged infringement consists solely of having a link on a web page to that company's site, so I am not particularly worried by the threat and I don't plan to do anything about it. I feel that the accusation of trademark infringement is just a way of trying to suppress any criticism of the US company's activities. I have made no representation that could in any way suggest that I have anything to do with them. I simply used their name as a link to their site.
And the threat by assholes:
Please be advised that we need a prompt response regarding this matter. If we do not receive a prompt response, we will be forced to file a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for trademark infringement and dilution for which we will vigorously seek actual and punitive damages as well as attorney fees and costs. If we need to file a lawsuit, it is a policy of Nutrition For Life International, Inc. ("NFLI") to not settle any matter or dismiss any lawsuit without payment of money for attorney fees and costs at a minimum. Please note that NFLI recently collected in excess of $365,000.00 for settlement of a lawsuit against EAS/Bill Phillips for their unauthorized use of the "Nutrition For Life" mark. NFLI was forced to file the lawsuit to protect its most valuable trademark as EAS ignored a simple cease and desist request with no monetary demand. NFLI was forced to file suit and EAS later had to pay the price of not only being disrespectful of other's rights but also paid a steep price for making a bad business decision to not adequately respond to our simple cease and desist request. Thus, we request a written response so we do not need to automatically file a lawsuit.
But Karma kicks in. Company went bankrupt!
On July 3, 2003, Nutrition For Life International went into bankruptcy. And people say that there is no such thing as karma.
Honorable Lawyers are Weaver & Amin, Chicago, IL, as per this page. Their website don't work either.

Want another example?

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