Thursday, September 15, 2005

Riddle me this, batman

RetiredInSomniac posted in Britt World Wide Investigated
I actually read the whole blog. I've actually done the research unlike most people on the blog I assume. Now one of the biggest misconceptions is that quixtar is responsible for the IBO's that make faulty promises. The truth is that there are alot of con people out there that con people into believing that its easy to become rich in quixtar and amway and there are also people that make more money in selling merchandise than making money selling products. Blame the people making claims and don't blame the tool they use to con people. Now if you actually check the quixtar website try and find anywhere on that site that says buy tapes, books and attend conferences. When you want info go to the source and do your research.

Riddle me this batman, if Quixtar is not responsible for “faulty promises”, why can’t downline see upline’s LOS? Like upline can see downline’s LOS in LOS Manager of It could eliminate fake claims.

My upline (Ahmer Azam) used to say,
“It is sooo easy to build this business now. My group is moving 5 kits / day. If some body is not having major success, he must be screwing something big.”
If I could see his LOS, won’t it reveal the truth?

Don’t share crossline Diamond's LOS, but at least share LOS upto a certain upline pin within that group. Platinum or Diamond. Higher the better. It will have following benefits:
  • Less room for faulty promises
  • Eliminate pressure from uplines, so IBOs can build this business at their own pace.
  • Downline won’t feel rushed and insulted for not going diamond like yesterday.
  • It may open up their eyes to tool scam.
  • It will reveal majority will always be at the bottom levels of MLM structure and only way to make money at that level is retail.
Just a minor tweak in LOS manager of, share LOS of upline. This alone could solve a lot of problems. No major revamping. No booting of diamonds. Just a baby step toward openness.

Software solution eh! Geeks shall inherit the earth.

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