Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Quixtar Playbook # 3

Successful cried posted in Random Observations
Imran, looks like your FT job is posting negative comments to this and other sites and could be the reason why you are poor and angry. Ignorance seems to be the true mark of why you are this way. FYI...no one has ever become successful by complaining and putting others down. I truly feel really sorry for you.

Perhaps one day, if you are lucky enough, you can take some notes from a successful person and apply it to your life. Maybe then you will change your attitude and make something of yourself.

Or you shut us all up and post your tax return to this site so you can show us what you are really made of. My guess is that it will be quite laughable and we would all get much enjoyment out of it.

Looks like I pressed some right buttons! (read the thread) I'm neither poor nor angry. I am like Quixtar: 'Debt free' and 'still legal'.

You are reading books and taking notes. How is that working for ya?

I like making fun of you stupid brainwashed people. And you IBOs never cease to amaze me.

Let me try answering you in Tim's stlye:
Dear anonymous coward. You didn't argue with the points I raised. Instead you did what every other IBO does. Ad hominum personal attacks.

I may post my tax return. After all, I'm offering a business opportunity. Oh wait, No one in Quixtar is willing to do so. Hmmmm. I shouldn't do that if I want to be 'successful' like them. Apparently, they are the only one with a chance of 'success'. Instead, let me have an arsenal of insults ready for any one who dares to ask.

PS: It is my full time job to post comments. Pays well! Wanna do it?

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