Friday, September 23, 2005

Taking a break

Holla folks, I was absent for a week, busy at work. Plus football! I won't be posting often in football season. And you gotta play Madden 2004 if you love America! If you haven't played it or ESPN football, you must hate freedom.

Also, some other projects e.g. a forum and Project World Improvement needs work. Specially the forum. I was frustrated how few decent computer forums are out there. I'm currently learning Dot Net and I'll post a step by step learning guide from ASP classic to ASP.Net.

Project World Improvement has a huge potential as well. More than niche market of Quixtar blogs. I have so much to say there. World sucks, Imran to rescue.

Lately we are discovering some blogs written by Quixtar employees that are not retarded. What better way to shut up critics than being......normal? Beth Dornan's blog is great too. She looks like those colleagues who insists on hugging at most awkword moments, like in front of your dad. I have no idea why!! And look at this post. A British guy capable of great writing!

Some naval gazing retards are still there. Critbots gotta eat, right?

Anyways, thanks for keeping the discussion alive. Anonymous debating anonymous, always a pleasure. How hard it is to add a nick at the end of your message?

China and Amway

Something to debate: Devos and Co. pressured Bush and Co. to do business with China. Amway in China is their biggest hope. China! All cruel labour and stuff (where are you, right wing folks?). China also got some thing out of that deal. You don't expect them to just bow and kiss Uncle SAM, do you? They will be exporting more crapy and cheap products here. Think about it, $5K new car, and US auto industry is dead.

Who will be responcible for it?

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At 9/27/2005 08:23:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey nice blog here. i was almost lured into joining quixtar but after finding this blog and looking at all the links on your page, i realize what the sick truth is behind this company. thanks a lot!


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