Friday, February 24, 2006

Adios Muchachos

Update: My new blog:

Ok folks, it's about time. I'm done with Quixtar related stuff. It has been a lot of fun, very good friends (that friend ship will continue) and good learning.

I would definitely blog. Either hybrid, or golfing blog. I'm about to release my own software, and my IT consulting business is getting more clients. I know, all bloggers have other things to do. But I just don't want blog this anymore.

In my "snapping out of trance" period it was quite shocking that how we, along with many other "sharp" ppl got suckered in this stupid cult. It was very surprising. I still feel the same way about Quixtar, but I would rather blog about Golf, or WWE.

Advantages of authoring this blog
  • I went from 5 hits to 100 hits per day average, even when I don't update this blog for months. How? Be Brief, traffic and comments will follow. No one wants to read 5 page ramble.
  • Simpler, easier to read blog is better than gadget-mess, no matter how techy you feel.
  • Learned blogs, phpBB etc. Configured them for clients and made $$$$.
  • Communication skills improved.
  • Made some very good friends.
  • Created on-going 6 figure residual income via google ads.
See you guys in my hybrid blog.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Steelers SuperBowXL Champs

Update: Big Ben's Touch Down. True, some calls were not clear this whole play-off, but gimme a break.

Update 2: NFL Head Ref, Mike Pereira explained each "controversial" call on NFL network.

- Ben TD looks like a clear TD at some angles, didn't at others. Mike said it was a TD. There is no clear evidence that it wasn't. And it doesn't matter official raised one or two hands for split second.

- There was a definite offensive pass interference on Derrel Jackson TD. Mike said he would demote his officials if they didn't call it. in 2003 all coaches specially Colts begged for this rule. And now that's the bad call?

- Same play, Matt Hassleback was out of pocket, so defender can touch the players. So there was no defensive pass interference. (Read the rules).

- Seatle's player was out of bound on incomplete pass. He didn't have possession when his foot ruffled with corner.

- Only bad call was Matt's tackle.

- There had been 10-15 wrong calls / game like 10 years ago. It is real hard to be accurate in such a bang bang game. Now it's down to 3 - 4 calls. And we are complaining? This SB was officiated no different than any other game of regular season. As ppl say, let the player play, don't throw flag. But coaches keep begging on some rules.

As Mike said, it is unfair to players, fans and officials to call SB different than 1st week, 8th week and 16th week game.

I liked steelers by playing Madden in XBox. Yeah!! I got addicted to football by playing madden first, not the other way around. Weird eh! I had great success playing Jerome Bettis. Run him, pick 4-5 yards. Run him again. And again, and again. And he'll give you yards out of no where. Pass once in a while to loosen up, then run again. That was my whole strategy. Works wonders!

Then I asked is this guy really that good? Is he a bulldozer or what? Then I saw steelers in their first few matched of the season and wow, he was. And of course, the un-selfishness of the whole team (last AFC Championship to now) is amazing. Bill Cowher is interesting to watch. And best gadget plays :) What other team is more fun to watch? WR running, another throwing TD, RB throwing TD etc.

What is most impressive is this team is been a play-off type team since last 10 years. That is something.

And now they won, from 7-5 to Super Bowl XL winner. I hope they make a dynasty.

Some negative people had yucky perceptions about them, saying negative out of their habbit.

One decision was really wierd. Matt's tackle. I'll update you when officials explain it on NFL Network. Officials got a lot of shit on Palomalu's interception. Head NFL Coach said so on air. So lets see what they say about this decision.

Ben's TD run was a touch down. They've shown it many times on NFL network. It did cross the plane. Mike Holmgrin did not act professionally at half time.

MLMscam, what's up dude?
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Liberty, peace and justice

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