Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm a Diamond?

In many online Quixtar discussions, a popular comeback by IBOs: "So Quixtar was not for you. It is not for every one. Move on. Why bad mouth it?"

I've been to many opens and seminars. An hour is spent explaining how sucky jobs are and how 95% small businesses fail. That's not "bad mouthing"?

Why not? Because at the end they get to present Quixtar?

So.... if you bad mouth to make money then its ok? Guess what, I never said I didn't make any money writing this blog. (I'm not saying I do, more on it later)

Am I equivalant to Diamonds then? I bad mouth Quixtar, Diamonds bad mouth jobs, other businesses, schools. But they make money right? Who is to say I don't? Who is to say I make less than them? You may not have their P/L sheet. You certainly don't have mine. Start shooting assumptions. Go ahead.

By they way, quite some battle going on here :) 50 comments! Holly molly. Well I don't mind. Good points, keep it up.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Annoying IBOs

Telemarketers annoy you, no?

In the same way, IBOs are annoying. Even more so then telemarketers. They put you down because they have this percieved notion that you are a loser of you don't do Quixtar.

Then people:
  1. Blog about it
  2. Talk negatively
  3. Make fun of IBOs
And negativity increases. Don't complain any one for ruining your business. You are the one pissing ppl off. And these are the poeple who don't sign up as IBO.

I don't know what Quixtar Corp is doing to change it? Are they doing any thing to change it?

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wild card weekend picks

Update: Steelers Won!!! 3 / 4. Hmmmm, not bad.

Go Steelers!

@TB over WAS
@NE over JAX
CAR over @NYG
PIT over @CIN

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