Monday, November 12, 2007

What do you feel?

Hey normal public: How do you feel when some one try to get you join amway? You feel excited, turned off, pissed or awkward?

What was your answer? If it was yes, are you still an IBO? If it was no, how much time it took to get rid of that IBO?

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Friday, November 09, 2007

What should be done with Amway?


Should we learn a lesson from Britts and shut down amway? They started English, they must be right about amway?

Amway crimes

Millions of people have lost Billions of dollars to pursue the "dream". It is a largest running scam in my opinion. One must be a great salesman to be successful in amway. Ironically, a great salesman has far better options. Mostly people without any sales experience do amway.

In a nutshell, IBOs are unpaid salesmen, if they sell any thing. Usually they end up buying amway products.  They don't do it before and after amway. What does that tell you?

I think amway should be shut down immediately, and all past IBOS should be reimbursed some thing.

Speaking of reimbursement, I'll continue blogging about Quixtar until I make $10, 000. That's the money I lost in Quixtar. If you're an IBO, click ads to get me there earlier. If you're a critic, click it twice.

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