Friday, July 25, 2008

Insider / David Steadson - Zealot or not?

Scott Larsen made some points here and we have Truth's perspective. Here are number of posts / insider blog to date (July 25th, 2008) (93) (12) (2) (27) (10) (8) (2) (4) (12) (12) (0) (1) (4)

Total = 187

Loser, and his posts (318)

You may verify these numbers via feed readers. I'm not including wiki, forums, and '79' youtube videos.


Why can't he write all that in one blog under different categories? Google ranking? Quixtar Blog was ranked higher for a while in google than, with ONE blog.

I might lose on word count. But I learned from the master

I'm disappointed

Again! As an IBO, nothing significant. As a blogger, I've written twice the posts, and administer a much popular forum. Am I a zealot? Or just Loser ;)

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