Thursday, June 01, 2006

Redirect your buying power

So you heard, "You have nothing to lose. Just buy what you already buy. Instead of buying from Wal-mart, you buy from your own business and get some money back. Tell others to do the same and you can be financially free".

It is so very hard to just "redirect" and make 100 PV WITHOUT buying stuff you never did. Try doing just 100 PV without vitamins, artistry, energy drinks and protein bars.

LOC cleaner lasts real long like many other Quixtar products. Good, but how you gonna do 100 PV every month?

You'll sign up and may sign up other people using the same "redirect" line. People don't like selling but they can shop differently, right? Just "changing habbits". In opens and PASE they see every one high on vitamins and energy drinks. And you need PV. You have to start buying and promoting them. There's just no other way.

I'll venture to say only 40% of PV will come from 'redirection'. And you used to shop cheaper.

And when you become serious, 100 PV become 150 for single and 300 for family.

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