Thursday, September 30, 2004

Closing this blog

Hello guys, due to some extremely personal reasons, I'll be closing this blog.

Just to let you know, Alticor, Quixtar, Amway, BWW etc. NEVER threatened me. It was my sponsor, who never saw my blog btw and was still very angry. I understand that his threats were as bogus as I threatening any Tom, Dick and Harry from Canadian Army. My closing this blog has absolutely nothing to do with the "threats" or to please my sponsor.

Sorry IBOs, I won't be able to give you retailing tips here. However, I'll be in quixtarBLOG forum.

I have some future plans regarding blogging, but they having nothing to do with Quixtar :)

In a few days, I'll make some last posts, regarding what exactly my sponsor said to me, what should a person do regarding q-issues and as usual, some goofy ones.

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ImageShack(TM) - Hosting

ImageShack(TM) - Hosting

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Check it out! Upload graphics, share pictures, have fun!

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XS Energy Donates Energy Drinks to Hurricane Victims

XS Energy Donates Energy Drinks to Hurricane Victims

Well, I am not a big fan of quixtar, but this is a very good thing they did. Also, I want to tell Florida people that our prayers and best wishes are with them.

Vote wisely! It's God telling you, may be.....

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Is this true?

As ya know, I've been threatened by my sponsor that Corp is planning to take some legal action against all "negative sites" very soon. What type of action? How soon? What about Qrush who has been linked by some IBO's Blog?

Alticor, I know you visit me almost daily. Tell me, is that true? Are IBOs authorized to give such statements on your behalf?

If you have any concerns and question, just email me. I am very open and honest about what I do and I expect the same thing. I can be very accommodating, on reasonable things ;)

What about these sites:
Walmart sucks
My Toyota sucks
Mcdonalds sucks

I am willing to accept a world in which people have bad experiences with businesses. If you agree to accept a world in which criticism and freedom of speech exists. What do you think?

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Retailing tips

Hello guys.


First of all, I've been an IBO, for 9 months. I am NOT an expert at retailing; in fact I suck at it. However, I am just sharing few thoughts, if you are willing to hear someone who sucks at retailing and not a big fan of Quixtar (well, AQMOs).

Tip # 1: Easy PV.

Yeah, there are services which can make 100 PV easy without spending $250 plus. E.g. Long distance phone service, CC card. I am out for more than a year so I don't know if that's been changed. If it hasn’t changed, then try concentrating on it. See if you can spend few hours in a busy mall and ask ppl to sign up for CC card. Check Q-Rules first. I don't know if there's a rule preventing that. Or, you may go door to door. I have sales people doing that. Let’s say in few hours you have 15 signed up forms. Let’s say 5 of them got approved. You'll get 500 PV after few months. Yeah those PV come late (if that's still the case) but 500 PV for 6 hours every month! Not bad eh! Same goes with the long distance phone service sign up. We had primus. Pretty competitive, if not the best.

Tip # 2: eSpring

Become a maniac of eSpring. This should be your first priority. Forget every thing else and concentrate on retailing eSpring. It is not a bad product. 270 PV right? Try standing on filtered water section on a mall and prospect ppl buying them. Have their number and you know the rest. You should maintain a research file as well on eSpring facts. 1 eSpring a month is not hard.

Tip # 3: Self consumption

Now don't hate me. I am not saying doing 100 or 300 PV. ONLY use those products you want to, e.g. toothpaste, shampoo, skin care, laundry etc. These products, arguably, may save you some money. Handy to promote to guests. And have a lot of guests ;) As a customer, I like the products that save me money!

From now on, every Tuesday I'll try to post 3 retailing tips. I repeat again, I am not a successful retailer. I don't like doing retail, and if you are willing to take advice from me then ... good luck!

I’ve posted some of other retailing tips in some forums. I'll try to do so here. I might have actually made some money instead of losing it if I hadn't spent so much time on opens, plans, quests and other insipid stuff. Well I was told "It's not selling". Non-system IBOs, use that time.
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Official Portal of Gujarat Government

Official Portal of Gujarat Government

Is there a site like this about Pakistan?

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Firefox - Rediscover the web

Firefox - Rediscover the web

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you are a moron. Use a better browser for you, and your webserver.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Thank you Alticor

Thank you Alticor for fixing your contact us link. Why not you go visit this site? Have fun!

I discovered a new species since I started my blog. That is non-system IBOs. Quite interesting creatures. They build Quixtar without motivational groups like BWW etc. As far as I know, their number is very small as compared to the AQMOs, but they focus on retail and products. They call themselves "Building Quixtar ethically". Does that mean all other system groups are building it un-ethically? Well they said it ;)

I discussed my situation with a non-system IBO regarding the threats from my sponsor. He laughed! He said "You are sharing your experiences. It's your experience." This buddy is an IBO of the exact same company Quixtar. And he is always cool about my blog. Maybe my uplines don’t know about blogs. Uplines: comment here if you wanna say something! It’s not a static site.

I kinda like non-system IBOs. I don’t want to do Quixtar, or any MLM again, but I've been an IBO, and I know a thing or two about retailing. I try to help them whenever I can. What I am trying to say is, I like an honest person earning honestly.

What I don't understand is, why I got such a reaction from system IBOs? Perhaps I am basically criticizing the system? Only if I get some proof that Quixtar is doing something to encourage non-system or "ethical" groups and discouraging system rip-offs, I'll start a new blog "". Or something nicer.

Alticor, are you still there? Cool eh!

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Friday, September 24, 2004

O Alticor: Where art thou?

Hello Alticor,

I, an ex IBO want to complain about some unethical behaviour of my uplines. This includes the tool push on a jobless financially struggling people. I tried your contact us link. I'm on Mozilla 1.7. It's broken! It's funny as report problem of website link is broken. Kinda like "Keyboard not attached. Press F2 to continue". If you answer my complain adequately, you'll find me your biggest defender. Ok, you may not need a defender, but there should be a place to hear these complains. No? Please don’t tell me to go to BWW, as with them I have a problem.

The other question I have is: Do you, or do you not, support non-system groups more? If non-system groups have near 50% or more IBO force of whole Alticor, I am cool. There is corruption in many companies. That's life! But if your 95% sales are via tool-pushing "systems" may I ask why? Arguably, your products save money. But if done via "system" one end up stocking and losing money. But you get sales right? What is more important to you?

I don't know if I am barking at the wrong trees here. I don't know if you care about an ex IBO, normal public or volume generating rubys, emeralds and other stupid stones.

I am a logical person. Ok, I am trying to be ;)
  • I am not hiding behind an anonymous name
  • I am trying to contact you first. I know you visit me. Some visits are logged here. Or was it some of your employee? Hey employee, do you know J.O.B is bad?
  • If you don't fix your contact link, what should I do?
I am told that you act on such reports swiftly. I am hopeful. Just fix your contact link (Now it's backend) so I can email you. Its all I am asking.

Btw 3 visits today? Seems like you are the only one reading this blog. You may wanna read this.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Moderate Perspective: Business, Politics, & Life

A Moderate Perspective: Business, Politics, & Life

So I am not alone! I'm also prospected by MLMers almost every month. What a brother gotta do to live mlm lessly around here! Many people opt to express how annoying it is. I'm loving!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Fresh Start

Ok guys, I'm quite confused. I, like many others, have lost time and money in Quixtar / BWW. I think I am scammed. I was presented with half facts, and tools were pushed. So I started my blog to share my experience.

Then, I'm threatened by lawsuits? By the same people I used to trust and who got my PV? They haven't even read my blog for crying out loud. All they say is “your name is coming on the internet”. Well! Not just my name, my picture as well :) My name is on a lot of places btw. With and without the mention of Quixtar. It's 21st century, no? I have no idea which place on the internet my sponsor was talking about. This blog? or Or 15 / 16 other sites I commented / contributed on? Even this blog, he refused to even read it. In fact he can comment here. Fill it up with comments, I'd love it. He also mentioned that in FED, free enterprise day, my uplines were very un happy about my-name-on-internet. Dudes, I choose this media, internet, to write. Out write me! Comment in my blog. Join the discussion boards. Why not? Just don't call me :)

Where else could I complain about my situation? Give me some ideas. Don't tell me Quixtar, there’s just order support help there., I know you visit me. Test your contact us links some time. There is an error GetDate when I select a category and hit Go button!

So, I’ve already tried them, no avail. Any other place I could complain?

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Monday, September 20, 2004


Hello Guys,

There have been some strange events lately. I just got off the phone with my ex-sponsor and he told me that I might be risking some lawsuit. Well, He and ups have lied to me before, so obviously I don't believe him any more. However, I'll have few people check this blog. There is one thing though. It's called SLAPP. It means that ANY company can sue any individual if they speak against the company.
What is a S.L.A.P.P:
A SLAPP suit is typically a lawsuit by a large company to silence individuals or small groups that protest actions by a company. Their main strategy is to intimidate the opposition by spending lots of money on teams of lawyers.
I understand that I can write about ANY thing and can get SLAPP. Company I am writing about obviously won't like my blog. They don't even need a flaw in my writing to sue me. Or do they? Whatever business model they have, they got more money than me :) Call it old might is right, but that's how law works.

Should I be removing my posts? I know many people have linked me and I feel it's my responsibility to ask you. I have already lost enough time and money in Quixtar. I don't want to anymore. As a mater of fact, I'm starting my own MLM company...ok just kidding, just my own business. I'll change the URL soon, after few more days. I'll post the new address here before I transfer.

However, what I am going to do is write a letter to my representative in senate explaining what I think about Quixtar business. It will include the name and address of people I associated while working in the q-business. I have to of course! I'll let the representative decide and I'll be cool whatever action they take. Or don't take :) There is no SLAPP against it right?

This whole bloging experience gave me an idea. Internet is a very good way to do a business. Let's see how the experiment goes.

Also, I'll continue to aid negative friends I've made. Safe here as well :) As always, you are encouraged to comment. Comment like there is no tomorrow :D

(edited since last commented)

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Motivation: when it is required?

Yesterday I was getting a haircut, and the barber, a talkative guy, was whining how bad business men these Chinese are. I apologize for the racism, but those were his words. He said when you go to their shops, they don't say hello. They don't smile. They don't talk to you. They don't ask how you are doing. Don't say good bye etc. All I said was,"But they are making good money".

The truth is, china town is the cheapest spot in Toronto. I would be paying half amount for the same haircut there. (It's far else I'd be there!). I won't care if a salesman talks to me at all. As a matter of fact, I'd be rather happy.

This got me thinking. So does that mean that in all other shops where salesmen / saleswomen are overly courteous, I am paying for their courtesy as well? I don't wanna pay for that! I am much happy to do without it. I am not alone. There are many people who choose to go to China town for shopping. Attraction: saving.

Customer wants to save money; business owner wants to make money. That's the first rule of business. You don't need an MBA degree to get that, do you?

But in Quixtar, why there is so much motivation and hype required? Is it there to cover the lack of money for an average IBO? I don't get any motivation to go to work. I continue to go there. Why? Money. If there was money in Quixtar, they won't even need to 'show' the opportunity. Why 90% jobs are never advertised in North America?

Keep all the motivation, show me the money!! But wait, isn't that how you make money?

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

I Love Quixtar

I Love Quixtar

Yup! This is the story of, this is the glory of, LOVE. Most positive quixtar site. Enjoy!

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Why hide the products?

Products and services are life and blood of every business. What business is without them? But when I was in Quixtar, I remember products and catalogues were so badly hidden from prospects. Quixtar site is designed in such a way that nobody without a password can browse through the products. I think it's not an ethical business practice. Is it?

On the other hand, their mantra is they got the best products on the earth. If they have, show them to prospects. Show them the catalogue, and let the product's magic work.

If products are really that good, why hide them?

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

An offer you can’t refuse

I’ll give you an offer you can’t refuse.

Stay away from Quixtar. Capisce?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Translating amway plan

Hello guys, I’ve decided to translate Quixtar / Amway plan in Urdu, native language of Pakistan, and my mother language.

Amway is already in India. Read what it is doing to the people there.
With Soap In Their Hands & Hope In Their Hearts
How This Is Done At The Expense Of The Middle Class

When I was waiting in the Amway office, I saw a lady signing up. The address she had filled out belonged to a building a few streets from mine.
It was not a rich address, so I made a few enquiries. I learned that her family income is about Rs. 5,000 a month. She had just paid Amway Rs. 4,200. Clearly her monthly savings cannot be more than around Rs. 500 a month if she is lucky. And she had just bought herself a shampoo for Rs. 315 among other delights.
She picked up her Amway cardboard-box of dreams and struggled down Airport Road towards the bus stand.
I thought about the kind of individual who would sponsor a lady like this. What would the sponsor have told her?
That she stood the chance of becoming a millionairess? That all she had to do was to smooth-tongue nine others into becoming Amway salespersons? That her life of abjection was over and that she now had the "chance to use world class products?"
The barren truth is that what the lady had just bought gave her 'friend' 40 PV.
(I have heard of someone else who was diddled for a few pieces of silver by a 'friend'. I cannot decide which is the greater greed, the greater treachery.)
Her Rs. 4,200 has gone into the Amway system. This has added to the kitty into which the more fortunate will dip.
The fact is that in the USA, a more socially homogenous society than ours, it is possible for any American, from whatever background, to approach another American with a degree of confidence and talk about Amway or anything else.
In India, as we all know, things are different. The lady I speak about would not be given the courtesy of a smile by most people I know.
Our class-conscious snobbery would prevent them from standing beside her when the great achiever from the USA is shouting "Hooo Hooo Go Diamond!" into a hapless microphone.
I imagine that she stands a snowflake's chance in hell of making it to the top of the Amway heap. All she now has is a bottle of world-class indeterminate substance which will make her glasses shine like crystal. And the dream that she is a favoured participant in the great American, now Indian, dream.
So what if Bangalore is reaching saturation? All she needs to do is to pick up the phone and call her cousin in Coimbatore to sign him up.
The trouble is that she does not have a phone. She cannot afford one.
It is from the money of thousands of individuals like her that the zero sum society seeks its rewards.
Amway India. Bangalore Magazine:
I want to finish it before Amway start plaguing Pakistan as well. I heard as soon as some one from Pakistan will go Diamond, this business will go there. True? I do have some contacts there and I think I’ll be able to get it published in some newspapers. If not, internet is here. Anyways, lot of people know english there, but it is important to be in URDU. I'll post my completed translation soon, of course after emailing it to Scott Larsen.

I am stuck with a stupid urdu editor. Please let me know about any free urdu editor? I had few demo ones, all expired.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

I'm better than EVERY BODY

Yup! I am. I have changed my name yesterday from MO to Rip Van Winkle.
  • Rip Van Winkle is one day old now.
  • In his first day he has done Masters, and has a full time job.
  • He made infinite times more money yesterday than Bill Gates earned in his first day.
Ain't I better than ya all schmucks?

What do you mean it doesn't count? Amway morphed into Quixtar, and claim that they made $512 Million in their first year. I have heard many q-speakers putting down They say that Amazon didn't make any profit in its first year, as it was "revenue". While Quixtar was very profitable in its first year.

What actually happened was 40 years old Amway became in North America, and Quixtar inherited hundreds of thousands of distributors. How can they claim 1999 as their first year? If that is so, than using the same logic, I'm better than EVERY BODY in many aspects in my first day. I should be selling my first day, or year's success, like they are selling theirs.

What they didn't tell you is their sales have declined in North America since nineties.
Sales: The privately held company had $7 billion in sales in fiscal 1997, $5.7 billion in fiscal 1998, $5 billion in fiscal 1999 and $5.1 billion in fiscal 2000.
Detroit Free Press
Also, Quixtar contributes roughly about 1/5th of Alticor sales.

Idea: a poster in quixtarBLOG forum. I forgot who it was.
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Friday, September 10, 2004

Facts about Diamonds

Following facts are, according to my knowledge, 100% correct. I am willing to testify for it or sign an affidavit.

Breaking NEWS
  • Although diamonds are perceived as .....
  • India, the only known source of diamonds .....
  • diamonds had the power to .....
  • Diamonds were not used as .....
  • The most recent diamond .....
  • Because diamonds can .....
  • Most diamonds are over three .....
Read more about diamonds.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I am in google sponsored links?

The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it. (John Perry Barlow)

Yesterday, September 06 2004, I saw a bit heavier traffic on my site when I checked my sitemeter. I saw the referrals and find out that google is sending me a lot of traffic! I followed one link, only to found out this blog was listed under the sponsored links. What the f*ck! Here are the screen captures. See the upper left corner.

Search Query: Billy Florence

Search Query: Passport Bo Short

Search Query: bo short passport

It's not there now.

Well, we all know that there is a blog war going on between Qrush and Qrushed. Qrush messed with Scott Larsen and Scott Larsen said ok! Blog War started.

It would not be fair to not mention, who has a vigilant eye on this all issue, specially on Qrush.

But wait, who put my site under the sponsored links in google? Where do I fit in? I am not in passport. I never attacked Billy Florence or TOD. I was not even in TOD? I was in BWW. This is the first time I am using their name on my blog. All I know is that they are in TOD, a motivational organization of Quixtar. I think that this whole motivational AQMO business is a scam hence I am not a big fan of them, but how do I fit in this whole fight? I am not angry, just wondering.

Anyways, I just found it interesting to write about. Any one who did that, I don't know what to say to them. I am not angry, worried, happy, scared or excited. Just a little confused.

On second thought, any one who did that, you are welcome to do that again. It would be wrong if I ask you not to as my blog is public. I like it to be public and it is for public. Link / sponsor me anywhere.

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Wrestling and Quixtar

The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.
Marcus Aurelius

I read a comment by an IBO about Quixtar: "Millions of ppl are doing Quixtar business, millions can't be stupid". Well, being a huge wrestling fan myself (yeah I know its silly, but I like it...), I know millions of ppl watch wrestling. Every body know it's fake, but they watch it. With the same enthusiasm even more which i saw in Quixtar's FED. And speaking of wrestling, I find following similarities between Quixtar and wrestling:
  • Its two nights every week.
  • Majority knows it's fake.
  • Participants always get hurt; owner makes a lot of money.
  • Important events (Pay per view / rallies) are ridiculously expensive, and are once a month, every month.
  • Majority of participants would never achieve superstar status, no matter how good or technically sound they are, unless they know how to entertain audience.
  • Public Speaking skills are way more important than actual thing.
  • Women are at most a diva, nothing else.
  • Normal public thinks it's silly. Well, it is, despite a lot of money.
  • If you challenge the owner, he'll screw you real bad (Bret hart, Bo short)
  • Help of your manager / upline can make all the difference
  • To win, you must beat the PV / crap out of your downline / opponent
  • Participant gives the image that they are fighting for honor or they are like noble warriors, but they are nothing more than overpaid clowns
  • Stories are more important than the actual stuff.
Anyways, I feel little bad about associating WWE with such an un-ethical organization. After all, their business is ethical and legal, they do give me good entertainment every time. And no body, well, except my 12 year old brother pushes me to watch it. But Quixtar can't top this one:

In WWE, A good guy / baby face can become a champion while still being a good guy...

(To be fair, a lot of heels in WWE are real nice in real life. Can't say that about Quixtar, ppl who are ripping ppl off)

Flush the stinking system!
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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Delayed gratification: Or wasted life?

"Don't take life too seriously -- it's not permanent."

Schools are about to open. My youngest brother Usman a.k.a. Bumpi asked me to see Wild Water Kingdom today. It was a lot of fun! Crazy slides, relaxing lazy river, artificial waves and a lot of other amazing water attractions. We had such a great time. Definitely one of the best days of this summer.

This summer we also did a lot of other stuff, like we went to camping, canoe and portage 16 miles, camped right in the middle of bear kingdom in Algonquin park, Learned football, (American foot ball), played a lot of basket ball, and squash. Last winters we played XBOX.

Now I am thinking that if I would be still in Quixtar, I definitely won't be able to do all these things. I would be working for my future! They call it Delayed gratification. Lets say I'll go diamond and make 90K / year. (yeah! that's right. Three Diamond Myths) but look what I'll miss. Will Bumpi be 12 years old then? Will my brothers living with me to play the games together?

Also, I would like every one to read a book A Painted House. It teaches the life's biggest lesson. I won't ruin it by telling you what it is. When you'll read it, you'll know what I mean.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Quixtar model is mathematically flawed

HOLY SMOKES: Quixtar model is inherently flawed!! Majority will lose money no matter what! It's just mathematics.

As the bottom level IBOs will make up more than 80% of the whole LOS, of ANY LOS, and if they are not profitable, whole pyramid is negative. Tell me if someone who did 100 PV is profitable? He / she earns $7.5 and spends much more than that to make a 100 PV. Here is cost of being an IBO to give a rough idea.

Here is a great analysis of Quixtar Model by lawBlawg.

lawBlawg: Scamology 101: Introduction to Pyramid Scheme Math:

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Quixtar is UnIslamic?

Honesty and truthfulness are qualities which a Muslim business person should develop and practice in himself. Truth, for example, has a self-reinforcing effect. In a hadith reported in Sahih al Bukhari.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Paradise. A man continues to tell the truth until he becomes a truthful person. Falsehood leads to al fujuwr (i.e. wickedness, evil-doing), and al fujuwr (wickedness) leads to the (Hell) Fire, and a man may continue to tell lies till he is written before Allah, a liar."
Hadith No. 8.116
Honesty and truth is especially important for Muslim business persons because of the need to make a profit and the temptations to enhance the attributes of their product of service during a sales pitch. This is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
The merchants will be raised on the Day of Resurrentction as evil-doers, except those who fear Allah, are honest and speak the truth.
Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Darimi

I thought I had to do a lot of research on this one but it turns out to be quite simple. Honesty! I don't know much about other religions but I am quite sure that they also teach for honesty and forbid lies and deceit.

If you are telling time and cost of being an IBO to your prospects before signing them up, and fully disclosing how much profit you will be making because of them (including tapes, books and seminars profit), all products sold by you and your downline are permissible in shariah (no alcohol, gelatin and other things that are not halal) and charging them fair price then your business is Islamic. Otherwise....

I've seen many plans. I heard NO BODY disclosing to the prospects what is the time and cost to work this business before signing them up.

Is it Islamic (or any other religion, if it is not presented honestly), decide yourself.

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Quixtar: QRUSH new Blog

Like old one was not enough. Here it is:

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