Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Translating Amquix.info amway plan

Hello guys, I’ve decided to translate amquix.info Quixtar / Amway plan in Urdu, native language of Pakistan, and my mother language.

Amway is already in India. Read what it is doing to the people there.
With Soap In Their Hands & Hope In Their Hearts
How This Is Done At The Expense Of The Middle Class

When I was waiting in the Amway office, I saw a lady signing up. The address she had filled out belonged to a building a few streets from mine.
It was not a rich address, so I made a few enquiries. I learned that her family income is about Rs. 5,000 a month. She had just paid Amway Rs. 4,200. Clearly her monthly savings cannot be more than around Rs. 500 a month if she is lucky. And she had just bought herself a shampoo for Rs. 315 among other delights.
She picked up her Amway cardboard-box of dreams and struggled down Airport Road towards the bus stand.
I thought about the kind of individual who would sponsor a lady like this. What would the sponsor have told her?
That she stood the chance of becoming a millionairess? That all she had to do was to smooth-tongue nine others into becoming Amway salespersons? That her life of abjection was over and that she now had the "chance to use world class products?"
The barren truth is that what the lady had just bought gave her 'friend' 40 PV.
(I have heard of someone else who was diddled for a few pieces of silver by a 'friend'. I cannot decide which is the greater greed, the greater treachery.)
Her Rs. 4,200 has gone into the Amway system. This has added to the kitty into which the more fortunate will dip.
The fact is that in the USA, a more socially homogenous society than ours, it is possible for any American, from whatever background, to approach another American with a degree of confidence and talk about Amway or anything else.
In India, as we all know, things are different. The lady I speak about would not be given the courtesy of a smile by most people I know.
Our class-conscious snobbery would prevent them from standing beside her when the great achiever from the USA is shouting "Hooo Hooo Go Diamond!" into a hapless microphone.
I imagine that she stands a snowflake's chance in hell of making it to the top of the Amway heap. All she now has is a bottle of world-class indeterminate substance which will make her glasses shine like crystal. And the dream that she is a favoured participant in the great American, now Indian, dream.
So what if Bangalore is reaching saturation? All she needs to do is to pick up the phone and call her cousin in Coimbatore to sign him up.
The trouble is that she does not have a phone. She cannot afford one.
It is from the money of thousands of individuals like her that the zero sum society seeks its rewards.
Amway India. Bangalore Magazine:
I want to finish it before Amway start plaguing Pakistan as well. I heard as soon as some one from Pakistan will go Diamond, this business will go there. True? I do have some contacts there and I think I’ll be able to get it published in some newspapers. If not, internet is here. Anyways, lot of people know english there, but it is important to be in URDU. I'll post my completed translation soon, of course after emailing it to Scott Larsen.

I am stuck with a stupid urdu editor. Please let me know about any free urdu editor? I had few demo ones, all expired.

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