Monday, August 30, 2004

Quixtar: Why this Blog

If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we'd all be millionaires.
Abigail Van Buren

Hello guys. I love writing this blog. And yes I have an agenda and purpose. A bit deeper, I think, than "Ok I accept, lets go". Someday I might be asked,
  • Why you are writing this blog? (uh, I want to?)
  • What are your motives? (Spread negative?)
  • Who is paying you? (Pinko Commie Liberals)
  • You are one sad fella! (You didn’t know? I wrote hamlet)
  • Who will ever see your blog? (People with eyes?)
Ok some serious answers. Here are my motives:
  • Sincerity, Will to save other people from a scam
  • Honesty
  • Anger (Hey I was scammed)
  • An urge to speak the truth.
I think I’ve been scammed by Quixtar. Many people are. People have lost time and money, people are counseled by their upline to leave their loved ones if they are “negative”. Marriages are in trouble and relationships are broken. People are being hurt to this date, since decades. I feel it my religious responsibility to warn other people. I just keep thinking about a person with lit pack in his hand and dreams in his eyes. I was there. Only if some one guided me then.

Think of it as this way. You are going on a road and you see some trouble ahead, without any warning sign. What would you do? What I'll do is try to put some warning so every one knows what is ahead. I'll call some authorities to take care of it and only then i'll take some other route.

Religious reasons:
The Holy Quran has described this quality of the Faithful in the following words: "They enjoin what is proper and forbid what is improper" (9:71)

In contrast, describing the qualities of a hypocrite, the Quran mentions: "They bid what is improper and forbid what is proper" (9:67)

"If we give authority to these men on earth they will keep up prayers, and offer poor-due, bid what is proper and forbid what is improper" (22:41)
I’m not making any money from this blog, and I am not trying to sabotage the business of any particular person. As you can see, I have NOT used any particular name in my blog. I’m trying to help masses, not to attack any one in particular. And as I am speaking the truth, I don’t need to make personal attacks either.

Also, I have nothing to hide. I am using my real picture, my real name and I’m providing the source of the claims I am making. I believe I have not posted any thing illegal here. If I have done so, please point it. If there is any thing here that is actually illegal and against libel laws, I’ll remove it.

Q: You are one sad fella!
I don’t need to justify myself in front of any one accusing me for being desperate, sad or negative. I can be sad, depressed, angry, or victim of excessive happiness, whatever I choose to. After all, I didn’t ask you to visit my blog :) Ok enough fighting. I am actually a pretty normal dude. I know my blog is not very cute. It doesn’t have a picture of my girlfriend or cats. By the way I never had a girlfriend; I’ll soon have a wife, Inshallah. Working on that! But I do have two lovely cats. If you see my profile, you’d see I enjoy many hobbies and I am very blessed by Allah for a wonderful family, a great job, good health and good friends.

Q: Who will ever see your blog?
On average, 150 people visit my blog daily. It gets more than 1000 hits every week, since last 4 weeks, when I started my blog. I never tried to, but I am ranked surprisingly well in msn, yahoo, dogpile and google. People came to my blog typing the keywords in them which I never think of. I hope I help people in making an informed decision.

Sincerity, honesty and anger, not a bad combination eh!

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At 9/01/2004 01:42:00 AM, Blogger Dave Stone said...

I have recently started reading your blog. Great job. Thanks for sharing your experience and viewpoint.

At 10/01/2007 01:02:00 AM, Blogger Anonymous said...

You are doing a gr8 job. If your blog could save one person from ruining his life from Quixtar, then it would be a gr8 service.

At 11/25/2007 12:33:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you say you aren't not making money off your blog when you clearly have a Google Ad Sense account and Google ads all over the place?

Do you expect people to believe that you are spending all your valuable time away from your family and losing money to prevent others for being "scammed" without any kind of a reward?

There are enough people making money with spreading negative and hurting other people's Quixtar business without you joining in.

Please stop. I've got downline Im tryint to help get out of debt and bring their wife home to be with the kids.


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