Thursday, August 19, 2004

Core Step 7: Seminars

I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.
Clarence Darrow

They Say: In these seminars, all diamonds get together to teach the IBOs. These seminars are very important as you’ll get a boost in your business after attending them. If you don’t then you’ll never grow.

Translation: Let’s say 20,000 IBOs attended FED. And Lets say they pay ticket of $85 / head. This equals to $1,650,000. This will be distributed in 20 or so diamonds, every one taking a hefty share.

Diamonds give you a code to book the hotel room. They buy rooms, some times at cheaper price and sell you, some times more than the regular rent. Every diamond has their own code used by their team. I’ll quote a buddy of mine DMM from quixtarblog here who has done some convention work:
I've done some convention work, and you would be surprised what kind of deals you can make, especially if you are willing to go in the off-season. If you can guarantee and deliver just 10 hotel rooms, most hotels will give you a 25% discount per room and a free suite. If you can guarantee 100 rooms, you are talking about 50% off advertised rates and several free suites. At 4 people/room, we are only talking about a convention of 400 people. If a room is advertised at $120/night, even at a discounted price of $75/night, if a diamond charges each participant $50/night, he is getting $200/night for a room that only costs him $75. Multiply by one hundred rooms, and it can add up to a nice chuck of change, not to mention, the diamond gets his room for free!

And yes, many facilities will waive rental costs, including hotels and other venues. Simply, more money can be made with concessions (why do you think you can't take your own food in with you) and/or parking. Some cities might even waive a fee for a cut of what is sold on the property during the convention (tools and other crap sold at functions).

I suggest next time you hear of a function and of the costs, call up the hotel where they are staying and ask what the advertised rates are for the same time period (or do some web searching on Expedia/Travelocity/etc.) and see what rate you can get. Also ask how much the rooms would cost if were going to get 10 rooms? 25 rooms? 100 rooms? Just say you are doing some convention research. You will find that the diamonds charge outrageous room prices. At similar hotels, IBO's are paying for a weekend, what I used to get for a full week (including weekend) for a room. The difference? I was working with a non-profit that did not overcharge and keep the difference, whereas the big pins are.
Also, there are many times when the city will allow you to use their convention center or stadium for free because of all the business generated through the functions (hotels/car rentals/food, etc). Many people confirmed this. Which means, whatever we are paying, hotel + seminar ticket, most of it is going straight in diamonds pocket, as they hardly have to pay for any expense.

And now, what is in these seminars any way? Same hype? You pay so much money to hear the same crap over and over again? They compare it to college, BULL CRAP. In college you study new thing EVERY day.

You go ealry, sleep late. If you are eagle, you gotta skip one night sleep. Rush for the seat. Laugh at same old stupid jokes. Stand up, clap and hear same stories again. And the numbers, how mnay people who go to these seminars make it up on stage? Most of them are not there next time any way. And here is a big secret. Many people on stage are not currently qualified diamonds either. A Big whoop! Click here to find out the truth.

I have a better idea. Instead of going to a seminar, take your girlfriend / wife out for camping. If you are young and healthy, canoe up to an Island if you can. Leave computers, movies and books all distractions behind. Take enough food for 2,3 days and just be with her. Talk to her. Re-connect. Enjoy what you have and realize you have something so precious. You'll feel better than a diamond on your way back.

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