Saturday, August 07, 2004

What is wrong with being bitter?

Hello guys! As you have seen that I am doing some research on these sneaky MLMs for a while, especially mother of all ...... MLMs, Quixtar. I have came across with some sites which are, or at least claim to be, Neutral. These websites says that they research mostly neutral people, get an outsider perspective or at least hear from the people who saw the plan first time. Many critics start writing that “I am not a bitter, failed IBO. However…”

What’s wrong with being bitter? Bitter means some one who had a bad experience and now s/he feels he was tricked into something not worthy of time and money. So? For me a bitter or failed person is a much better source of information than any oh-so-precious outsiders, who don’t know jack about Quixtar. Please understand, Quixtar and its AMQOs (BWW etc.) are very secretive. Chances for outsiders knowing something are pretty slim. In their outsider analysis, they skip many things that they never knew and make some blunders.

I am not saying that a bitter person should be the only source of information. However he should not be dismissed altogether. Who would you talk to about suffering of war? A war victim / veteran or some bubbly celebrity who can’t even spell war. (Or at least pretend they can’t)

I am also annoyed by these self righteous hypocritical sneaky fellas called journalists. I have read in many sites owned by journalist that how they dismiss ‘bitter’ IBOs and seek out only for the ‘Neutral’ information about Quixtar. So they can put ‘Neutral’ and ‘Un Biased’ information on their site / newspaper. Oh really! So journalists try real hard to be un-biased? I don’t think so! They do give news a spin. They do express their opinions. How much fucked up CNN is? They make up stories. They spread rumors. They publish whatever sells (non-profit sites are exempt). Do they do it all the time? No. Do they never do it? Nope! I am not making an anti-journalist point, all I am saying is if they can ‘express’ their opinions, what is wrong considering a failed, bitter IBOs opinions? I mean what the fuck! For me Bitter IBOs opinions value much more than outsider opinions.

Also, they don’t seem very straight forward to me. I don’t know if they are paid for the words they write or asses they kiss or whatever (with the exemption of non-profit sites). For example, I have not heard a lot of news ppl saying that War on Iraq was a clear aggression of a superpower against a poor, helpless country who’s dictator was appointed by America itself and he was used many times for the benefit of America! How many American journalists have said that? All they say is, “Uh…Intelligence gave wrong report…umm Mr. President Almighty did what the report said….guards did not know about Geneva conventions, they did not know forcing prisoners to have sex with each other and taking their pictures is not right. Prison guards did a very tough job…..blah blah God bless America blah blah Long live the Queen blah blah terrorism is bad blah blah oil-ism is good.

Shut the Fuck up! Just say what you, I and the whole world know pretty damn well! Why are you sugar quoting it? What you are doing is putting ketchup on a crap and forcing public to eat it, and say ‘yum’ after it!

Similarly, these same damn journalists (TV and Newspaper ones), apparently knowing the abuses done by Quixtar and it’s daddies, Motivational Organizations, keep putting news, “Quixtar products are good, XS has a new flavor, Quixtar in Spanish, blah blah. Shut the fuck up! It’s like saying “American soldiers killed and are still killing many innocent people, but their weapons were not tested on animals”. If you don’t have any testicoli, get some backbone at least!

I know there was a recent media coverage about Quixtar / BWW in dateline. Compare it to the percentage of the ‘positive’ news about Quixtar. Millions losing Billions, press kept dildo in their mouths. Quixtar buys some team or give some charity, dildos are out and cheers are published. All I am asking is, publish the whole picture. Quixtar did something good, publish it. They fooled millions of ppl, publish it! Keep the fucking balance!

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At 8/12/2004 10:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honesty in your blog, but you are putting too many o's in "losing". I used to make the same mistake a few years back until someone pointed it out. I guess I got caught up in just repeating what I read from others.

Jim Reed, outsider's perspective.

At 8/14/2004 06:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a post!



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