Friday, August 06, 2004

Power of spoken word

When I look back into my entire Quixtar venture, I find out how this all was done 'orally'. From prospecting to training, all verbal. It made me think that why is there so much emphasizes on oral communication. Why I am not given some written material? There are some written brochures and sites but the total 'writing' I encountered was less than the words I have written here. And I am just one person with a job, two cats and a 12 year old brother! BWW alone has many employees and more than 100, 000 IBOs.

It just seems odd to me that a business who emphasis on saving time via duplication, and calls its model 'franchising', will expect the IBOs to do all the talking and no writing / internet. Sure one can't completely avoid talking; specially the sales guys, but just get some balance here.

There are many advantages from an IBO point of view of keeping the business 'Oral'.

  • No record of outrageous claims

  • Intimidation

  • Ease to avoid hard questions

  • Building and manipulating friendships

  • Peer pressure

These tactics were used on us and many other ppl. When I talk to my sponsor, I respect his age (he is as old as my father). I have a hard time telling him he is involved in a scam. I also end up agreeing with him to stop the conversation. When I told I quit, my upline kept talking to me on the phone for 1.5 hours. I was at work! Finally I said ok I'll go to the seminar and I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Which I didn't :) But the point is, if someone just keeps talking, the other person will surrender with a lame excuse as s/he would be bored as hell!

Also, after realizing I had no receipts for tapes, seminars etc. (BSM Return policy eh!). I now understand why!! I can't even file a complaint claiming my upline said this. I have no proof!

I love email and written material. I can copy | paste and reply it very easily, at my own CONVENIENCE. I can think well before answering and my answer will not be based on intimidation, pressure, emotion or boredom. Well, mostly! I can back up my claims with URLs. I may also ask for proof / stats and research on them easily.

IBOs are fed with so much tape talk. They use it day in day out while a normal person need some time to prepare his / her response. Which is not so easy in 1-1 conversation.

Another thing is friendship. Human beings, at least me has a weakness to avoid direct confrontation to an apparently friendly person. I seek out to find a mutual ground where we both can agree so I can get the hell out :) In writing I find myself brutally honest and questioning every thing, including myself.

I am becoming quite a fan of open discussion forums. I dare ya all IBOs!! COREs, Eagles, Platinums, Diamonds and CAMs. Start an open discussion forum. Invite EVERY ONE there. Moderate profane language only but that's it. On second though, no. Don't even moderate that. Some one using profane language just make himself look bad. Let every one know about that forum, and then prove them wrong. Can you? Can you hold yourself their? Are you a winner big enough? Are you secure enough? I am challenging ya!

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At 12/27/2007 02:33:00 PM, Anonymous Joecool said...

Great post !

IBOs won't do it because they'll get cornered and won't be able to answer tough questions.

If not, we would already have seen these types of blogs and/or forums.


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