Wednesday, August 04, 2004

What is wrong with the "System"?

Yes, what exactly is wrong with the System (of Quixtar TM, e.g. BWW TM)? It gives people opportunity to make money. If some one hasn’t been successful, s/he should change some thing. After all:

Businesses work, people don't

Ok here is what’s wrong. Quixtar System, in my opinion, is not completely in accordance with FTC rules. "System" teaches it that way. Please read FTC site.

And more:

In a nutshell, here are my concerns:

Not so legal activity 1: Does every IBO meet the 50 PV retail rule? My upline told me to report 50 PV as retail. Did I "retail" 50 PV, NO! I was told to lie.

Not so legal activity 2: In pyramids, a product, which has no value outside the pyramid, should not be sold to participants. What about the "system"? How many retail customers will buy tapes? Quixtar saves its ass by saying it is optional, but "system" tells so is success, and one must be on standing order to show their seriousness. And seminars, oh man! Try to be in good books of your upline while not attending them.

Not so legal activity 3: If I am behind my quota, I should not be receiving call from some upline to complete my order. I can't retail in last hour! I'll end up stocking. Stocking => Illegal!! I've received such calls. And after a year of quitting, I still have those stocked products, along with the pile of tapes.

I lost time and money in BWW TM / Quixtar TM. Am I alone? Nope! There are 40 million ppl who have joined and left Quixtar TM / Amway TM in last 40 years.

There are 400,000 active IBOs in North America. How many of them are making money? I am talking about the profit section of their Income Tax return, not the net income box.

And here is the best: It is a negative some game. At any given time, This Quixtar / BWW pyramid as a whole is losing money. How the top dudes make money? By product movement and system push to their downline. What is the average income of an active IBO? According to Quixtar, $115. And it is a net profit, including bonus coming from one’s own shopping. What is the average expense of the system? STO + expensive self consumed products + Seminars + gas + baby sitting etc. Lets say $300, a very conservative figure. How these guys pay for it? Ironically, Jay Oh Bee. So what is “System” doing? Sucking money into it. As a whole, at any give time, whole organization is losing money. As there are some expenses going outside the system, e.g. travel etc.

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