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There are two types of people

There are two types of people, people who have money and people who have excuses.
Quixtar / BWW tape talk

When I was in the BWW TM / Quixtar TM business, Diamond lifestyle was my only goal. The only people who appeared successful to me were diamonds, and every body else was a broke loser. I encountered a lot of 'negative' prospects, yet no one was able to give me a logical reason what's wrong with BWW / Quixtar. Reason being they have not done any formal research on it. Even if they did make some point which I couldn't answer, I always said, "How much money do you make, smarty pants! Your lifestyle sucks as compared to the diamonds. If you are so smart, why you are not so rich". Well, I didn't exactly say it but you get the idea. For me they were making excuses and avoiding work. They didn't have enough money to impress me, yet they had a lot of excuses.

To all other people who are in Quixtar TM and think like I did, let me tell you a story about a person who did not make any excuses. He was no lazy nose-picker. He was a diamond, and he was rich. He became a diamond in 5 years. Not many people are able to do that.

But then he discovered something. He found that a legal and ethical product business done by a somewhat restrictive MLM model can only generate upto a certain amount of money. Money enough to replace job but certainly not enough to own jets, yachts and palaces etc. Then he found out something else was going on. There are a lot of tools pushed to other people involved in Quixtar TM. In fact, one won't be called "serious in the business" if s/he is not on monthly tape and book program, which costs $60 - $80 a month. In fact there are more tapes recommended than that, leadership tapes or fast track tapes. There are seminars almost every month all over US and they are pushed very seriously. These seminars costs at least $80 USD. And cost of hotel & traveling makes them even more. And even paying all those expenses didn't deliver the promise of "success" to a very overwhelming majority. He saw that most people end up loosing some serious money on these "tools". Wait, It gets better! What is in these tapes? What is "taught" in seminars? Almost ALL hype and promoting the "system".

So what he did? He RESIGNED from the Diamond ship. Something a person with integrity and morals should do.

So what am I doing, Am I making up lies? Isn't it what internet does? spread lies about good organization?

Well, his name was Robert 'Bo' Short. He was on Dateline NBC. Read it here: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/4375477/

Also, you may visit his website, http://www.formerdiamond.com.

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At 11/01/2005 02:51:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

See my comment on the topic just above this one - it addresses similar points. But if you'd like to hear the Other side of the story on Dateline, you can go to www.QuixtarResponse.com

And if you truly want to get all the info (since you've read the negative) why not hear what city/state officials and corporate executives from Other companies are saying about Quixtar?


Or get more facts about how Quixtar is doing at:


I'd rather listen to the VP Barnes & Noble, the CEO of Easter Seals and a director of the Better Business Burea, than some college kid on the internet.

At 11/01/2005 03:37:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

What about VP procter and Gamble, and Wal-Mart?

Kids on the street, desi / ibo in mall, what's the difference?

At 11/29/2005 05:50:00 PM, Anonymous Amber said...

to Loser:

My brother, Salaam alaikum,

I just want to say if you had spent half as much energy in building your business as you do maintaining this blog and feeling sorry for yourself you would have succeeded. If your uplines told you to leave your family if they were negative about quixtar then that was wrong on your upline's part and they are to blame only. you fail to realize that uplines are INDEPENDENT business owners. Therefore they are under control of no one but themselves and they are mere humans capable and highly probable to make mistakes.

For your information at the last Richmond Virginia function that my husband attended 4 people took shahada and became muslim. That is relatively small number and i wont say that this business is a way to Boost conversions but it surely doesnt prevent you from doing dawah either. dawah can be done in any profession or lack of one as well. dawah is spread by one person actually practicing their faith and inspiring others. whether by preaching or by simple example. Not everyone is good at inspiring others to become muslim. I know plenty of "muslims" that make me ashamed to call them my brothers and sisters. perhaps you are like them and thats why you didnt bring anyone to islam. or maybe its your "oh poor me" attitude that turned them off. Quitters are not inspirational. and neither are those who spread lies. you want to blame quixtar because you didnt stick to it. or because your uplines who are not controlled by quixtar made human mistakes. get over it. you were simply with a team that wasnt right for you. or maybe you expected to get rich quick. there is no such business. ALL BUSINESSES TAKE HARD WORK AND TIME TO GET OFF THE GROUND BEFORE THEY BECOME SUCCESSFUL. Every new walmart operates in the red for hte first 2 years. most franchises do. does that mean that mcdonald's is a scam? does that mean that walmart is a scam? does that mean that every chain market is a scam? NO it doesnt. it simply means that YOU werent good enough. YOU didn't have what it takes to build a big business with quixtar.

by the way... you say thats your real picture on your profile... does that mean you are a goat?
its really embarrassing to have spineless liars for brothers in islam.

At 11/29/2005 08:59:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

I'll post a detailed reply on the main page. Two things:-

- I used to have my picture here, than changed to goat. This is an old post. Good catch though ;)

- Quixtar is, Haram by Islam. See my other post, a fatwa. I'll post it on main blog.

At 11/30/2005 10:54:00 PM, Anonymous Amber said...

Salaam alaikum,

First I want to make clear, that I am not what one would call a core ibo. I do not listen to tapes or read books. I dont go to meetings on a regular basis either. doing those things are optional. My husband goes to meetings and reads books and listens to cds because he likes to. I dont. any cds i listened to at first taught me nothing i didnt already know. this isnt a traditional business or else i would need loads of help. Its simply a business of relating to others. Something I already know how to do. I know the facts about the business and the business model. I have read all the complaints and negativity online as well as detailed court documents where people are trying to sue quixtar. but they are all the same. they want to sue for hte same thing you complain about. irresponsible uplines. i have read all the official quixtar documents and instructions on how to conduct your business. and no where do they tell you to leave your family or do anything haram. I do acknowledge that there are alot of bad ibos out there. many who are just doing the monkey see monkey do approach without regard to ethics or morality. they see one ibo get away with something and they decide to do it to. thats human nature unfortunately. but quixtar does not even really give you any clues about how to approach others about the business. as a matter of fact the only advice they give is to ask your upline. because they probably have found a method that works. the methods taught to you are passed down from one ibo to the next and also learned from ( and often misinterpretted by ibos) tools and training organizations, which are seperate entities from quixtar. and no where on quixtar site does it say you have to associate with any of the tools organizations. that is strictly voluntary. but it has been my observation that very few people do well without the tools. simply because most people are not naturally inclined to be able to relate to strangers once their friends and family list is exhausted. i personally relate better to strangers than i do my family. when i converted to islam they all but disowned me. so i adapted and got over it. something you should do. you simply are not cut out to be an ibo. and it isnt quixtar's fault.

and as far as quixtar being haram... give me a break, what wanna be scholar somehow decided that our Prophet (pbuh) declared a non existant company at that time to be haram.

but then i guess like with any other religion, practitioners there of, interpret it to their own conveniences.

fi amman Allah,

At 12/01/2005 10:44:00 AM, Blogger Loser said...

You didn't read that fatwa did you? You are right, prophet didn't say any thing about MLM, since it was 6th century. no MLM then. And there are many things in need of some explanation that weren't present then. But Islam gave a solution.

There are 4 ways about seeking Islamic view on any 'Masla'

1) Clear order in Quran. E.g. Ban on Wine and Gamble. If not found then

2) Sunnah, Hadith

Find that Masla in Hadith and Sunna, e.g. how to pray. If not found then

3) Find Sunnah of Sahaba, Tab'een, taba tab'een, and any other fatwa give on that topic. If not found then

4) Ijtihad. A mufti is qualified scholor who can give a fatwa on a topic and it becomes part of Islam then.

And you are calling that mufti 'Wannabe'? Doesn't it fall under 'Bohtaan'? You don't know his credentials do you?

Did you seek "Al-gharar" and why interest is Haram?

Please Read that fatwa. It makes a lot of business sense too. I didn't give it, some one qualified did. Keep running your mouth on him. You are not a scholor are you?

Regarding bad upline: Quixtar did what? That's the bottom line. Answer: Nothing.


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