Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Dateline story: An IBO response

He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.
Benjamin Franklin

Today, I contacted an IBO. I asked him a question: "Hey buddy, do you know Quixtar was on TV". He said yeah I watched it. Then he asked me "Are you in Quixtar"? I said no, I quit. He asked "Because of this TV segment?" And he said he is sorry that my life is controlled by TV etc. And I should see Quixtar Facts blah blah and listen to all the responses. One thing that really pissed me off was when he said there is a lot of negative coverage about Islam as well on TV. Will you quit Islam as well?

I had no intention of getting into a debate when I asked him. I just found that segment hilarious. But this ridicules comparison of Islam made me say that please don't compare apples sky. There is no comparison.

To the all positive people out there, who want to argue with me about TV credibility, please:

1) Refrain yourself from giving this ridiculous example of religion vs. Quixtar when we talk about media coverage.

My upline have told me that exact line, it’s a typical Quixtar programmed talk. I could answer it very well. I’ve seen negative sites about religion. They did not shatter my beliefs a single bit. I saw negative sites about Quixtar, and more I read, more I’m convinced that it’s an illegal scam. So what it is? Some sites working some not working? Actually it’s not the sites or TV but it’s the GOD DAMN content there that matters!!

But his example is so absurd that I may give you a psychiatrist’s card if you say it one more time! It’s like comparing Moon light with bud light or apple with Mount Everest.

Let me give you a better example. Compare business with a business. Ask me there is a lot of crap about Microsoft, why I am still using Microsoft products? Answer being: Microsoft products, as evil as they are, are still MORE feasible to me than all other software out there. They do, well almost do what they are suppose to do, i.e. deliver the promise. I may not be a happy customer but I am their customer, and I’ll continue to be as long as they help me do my work. As simple as that.

Here is a lesson for you in the above example, quixbots: There is nothing in the world that is perfect, even near to perfection. There are flaws in every invention, limitations in every creation. It is a principle. Fight with me, don’t fight with a principle. How can you be sure that Quixtar is perfect and your upline is always right? It doesn’t make any sense.

2) Don’t assume I am fighting with you

Dude, I just asked you have you seen this video or not, and you challenged my religious beliefs by your ridiculous example! Its shows some un-security on your side, doesn’t it? Ask me some question about my company, e.g. how stupid our website is. I’d laugh with you! Even I’ve made that site!

3) Don’t defend yourself by attacking credibility of media.

When did I say TV or Internet is all true? It never was and probably never will be. Almost all news are biased, every body gives them a spin. Does it mean every thing they say is false? Nope. Does it mean I am saying that media is always right? Not really! All I’m saying is just be objective about the facts in front of you and use your brain! For the record, I quit without reading any negative site and the dateline story was aired a year after I quit. I just saw my gains and losses and where was I after a year.

4) I know many lines of Quixtar:

I’ve used them and I’ve been in the q-business. I may not be getting the new teachings but are there really any new teachings?

5) Please understand, I don’t get any PV for spreading negative.

I don’t get any pat on the back from any upline by pulling you out. Go ahead and spend all you’ve got. You know your odds? Oh you don’t? 99% chances are you’ll be out in 2-5 years. Wanna bet ;)

6) Please don’t tell me to never complain as I was given an opportunity blah blah.

There are 400, 000 active IBOs in North America and I bet every body will be happy to sign me up! Your tone will change the moment I'll say ok sign me up. Won’t it? So what I missed? I can even sign up going online and your Quixtar site will find an IBO near me. Even better, I can enter any 6 digit number randomly. I've tried that to become a client. On 2nd, third try it works. Even if that number is inactive, I'm transferred to the next available person up in the tree.

Now let me tell you some facts about dateline story, Quixtar response and Quixtar facts.

Response to Quixtar's Response to the Dateline Exposé of May 7, 2004 by Lindy and Vicki Mack

Btw I know this guy Lindy, via internet. I discuss with him on almost daily basis in Neutral Discussion about Quixtar

Please read it first then talk to me. I’ve listened to every video you asked in and they didn't deny the issues that Dateline raised did they? I’m impressed with their ability to dodge the complaints. Funny thing is, Ken McDonald said that dateline only interviewed with anti-Quixtar persons. On the Quixtar response how many anti Quixtar persons were present? Isn't their response biased as well?

Btw they were given an opportunity to participate in the dateline exposé. Why didn’t they do it? Why they video taped them and put it online, like cowards. They were hiding the questions, weren’t they?

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At 11/01/2005 01:28:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Imran your logic is simply off. If someone quit because of negative coverage in the media, then the SAME Logic would mean to quit being Catholic because of negative media coverage. If an unethical Diamond means the business is a scam and I should quit? - Then some high ranking Islamic official dong something bad and all the negative meida coverage on Muslims would mean you should quit that too. Same with Microsoft, GM, Walmart etc. If a few negative website on quixtar is gonna be the basis of somebody quiting then that Same Logic would mean they should never shop at Walmart, drive GM cars or use an MS product! Thats insane!

Also, you say Yourself that media is biased and spins things, but then say "don't defend yourself by attacking credibility of the media source"?! How many MOUTHS do you have?? Are you even listening to yourself? By ALL MEANS I will attack the credibility of Dateline!! For Crying Out Loud, do you even Know what they did to GM in 1993?

Datleine did an "expose" on the safety of GM trucks in crashes, cause there was a rumor going around that GM trucks were prone to explode in crashes. Dateline actually RIGGED the trucks with sparking devices to make them explode! This was documented! Dateline Publicly apologized to GM and said "it probably wasn't a smart idea"!!

How do you believe ANYTHING from a source like that?? Dateline makes money by selling ads - that needs ratings!! Quixtar doesn't advertise! So why would Any network media station run anything good about Quixtar! We complete with the stores BUYING ads on their stations!! Do you get that?

By the way, just gives info on the biz. is the response to that BOGUS Dateline story! Which was just 3 disgruntled IBOs! They didn't talk to me! They didn't talk to my 22yr old sponsor making $2500/month! Or my Upline Ruby who just got a check for $10,000!!

Of course the Quixtar Response page was only going to give the other side! Dateline interview 3 negative IBOships - OUR site showed several others who are Very pleased, it showed company officials. It showed officials from the Beter Business Burea and other City/State officials! I think they know more than You.

And I'm not fighting you - I'm debating you.

No one's a coward Imran, we're just defending ourselves! I nkow this is a good business and a great bunch of people.

You are bitter and looking for a place to vent! Looking to pass the buck, save face. That's what you have to gain. Not PV, just trying to feel better about why it didn't work for you!

You gave it 1 year! Thats it! You said you quit before the Dateline thing ever aired. My sponsor was only about 2500 PV when the Dateline thing aired and that was mainly thru 1 leg! In the last 2 years he's gone 16 wide, and hit 9000pv!! So why could He do it, but You couldn't?? You couldn't because you quit!

Hey, if this wasn't for you, that's fine, its OK - it doesn't make you a loser! But then bashing it, and calling it a scam - that I have a problem with! Because I'm Watching work 1st hand!

At 11/01/2005 04:11:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Did you even read my post? You are saying same thing I said.

Any thing on media is not accurate just because it's on media. Judge every thing on it's own merit. Not what media says. Media maybe right, maybe wrong.

I quit Quixtar; don't say my life is ruled by dateline. I quit because of REASONS also brought up in dateline.

I agree with Quixtar Expose not because dateline said so. It was something I witnessed first hand!

And yes, I said don't attack on dateline to defend Quixtar. What they did to GM is unrelated to Quixtar. What about the points the brought up about Quixtar?

And interesting thought:

Dateline paid for what they did on 1993. Because they were wrong! They appologized!

In 2004, Quixtar couldn't sue them. They were right on! With a sue happy company like Quixtar, why didn't they sue them? IBOs are still 'spinning' and trumpeting what dateline did to some other compant on a completely different issue.

BTW your sponsor is STILL 22?

At 11/01/2005 06:42:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

I didn't say your life was ruled by Dateline!! "You said you quit before the Dateline thing ever aired." Did you bother reading that! That's copied directly from my last post!

What they did to GM is NOT unrelated to Quixtar! It shows their level of integrity! They rigged trucks to get a story! What does that say about their level of credibility. They also spun things to make the Quixtar story more sensational! What valid points did they bring up! They made presumptions:
"If Qx isn't a real business, what is it?"
"I'd say its a scam", "I was gonna say that too".

What total BS is that!? And then they showed portions of a function on the OPTIONAL Sunday Christian Service where they lit candles, and spun it to make it look like a frickin cult! They showed a clip of Al Leininger out of context to spin it like he was materialistic. The whole thing was BS!

And why is Qx a "sue happy company"? Tell me why they're "sue happy". And who says they Couldn't sue Dateline, I don't know that they Didn't. They should, cause they weren't right on. Probably not worth the court costs! Slander isn't the easiest thing to sue on. They'd just plead 1st amendment and that these were just the views of the 3 IBOships interviewed!

Not to mention the show really didn't criticze Qx, in reality, it was bashing the training system - which is Optional. If you want to utilize it, its there for you!
Its like bashing college!

And yes, he's STILL 22, why do you ask? I mentioned his age on qblog around May at the earliest. Now its 6 months later, why would you ask if he was "STILL" 22? Like I'm lying?

At 11/01/2005 07:10:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Atleast you know how to keep it cool ;)

PS: That guy, "I'd say this is a scam" is PW on QBlog forum.

At 11/01/2005 08:36:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

I saw that Dateline show and the functions they portrayed looked authentic. The people they interviewed on the show looked like they gave sincere and truthful answers. The fact that the diamonds and quixtar company reps declined to be interviewed indicates to me that they had no comment or they had something to hide. Why didn't bill britt or one of the other big pins go and defend the business? It's ironic that Tony defends the business more than the guys who are making a fortune from the business. No offense to Tony, but my point is that the ones with the most at stake scurried away with their tails between their legs.

At 11/04/2005 04:53:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Joe, I'm not saying they weren't Real or authentic functions! Of course they were real functions!! Re-read my post, I explain why they SPUN certain things AT the functions! They took things out of context!

So the 3 disgruntled IBO's seemed sincere?? So what? So what if 3 frickin IBO's said they didn't make any money! Big whoop! NO one Promised them that they would! (Heck one's a competitor now!) Its not gonna work for some people! They chose to go to seminars and then quit, just like my friend chose to go to college for 2 years and then dropped out!

Joe, HOW many times do I have to explain to you why Qx and several Diamonds chose not to appear on camera. They knew Datline's track record! They knew that Dateline reporters had already Secretively 'joined' as IBOs and snuck cameras into functions. This SHOWED the nature of their report - we KNEW they would spin things and misrepresent the facts to make a more excitng story! Just like they did with GM! How hard is that to grasp??

I wouldn't have gone on camera either! Loaded questions and spin-editing, no thanks!

No one ran with their tail between their legs bedsides YOU Joe! You were the genius that quit at 4000pv because you didn't think you'd ever make good money and someone told you to dump your girlfriend. Talk about no backbone!! You scurried pal, no offense. I would have told my upline, "no, she IS supporting me, I love her, I'm not leaving her, end of conversation!!" And then I would have built a buisness so frickin big, I would have never had to deal with that loser again!

But you didn't do that, did you - you just frickin quit and let your @$$hole upline win!

Way to think that one thru buddy!

And you still haven't let it go or moved on!

At 11/04/2005 06:15:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Tony, you talk about Dateline putting a "spin" on things.

Care to explain why bill britt says he hates ungodly men and then cheats onhis wife? Why Howie Danzik says he built his diamondship single when he didn't? Why the AMO's used to claim no one made money off tools and then when it was uncovered, they put the "spin" on it and said they make a few bucks off it. What about the "spin" people put in their plan when they avoid telling prospects it's Amway/Quixtar?

Speaking of "spin", I noticed that nearly all of the pro quixtar folks make income claims and never back them up, and that includes diamonds.

No wonder the spinless diamonds would not appear on camera.

At 11/04/2005 06:17:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

By the way Tony,

I didn't content that quixtar was the scam, but the diamonds and the tools business certainly is.

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At 4/02/2012 07:22:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imran, actually I did not go tru ur blog completely but jus saw onething u said illegal scam. I guess you r mad. illegal scam???? wat do u mean by this. did they ask u to save all ur money in amway bank and did they ran away taking ur money?? u illeterate fool if u hav talent u work, talk to ppl, convince them, grow ur business, become a diamond. else jus shut your mouth idiot..I have seen my upline going platinum day before yesterday..All they did is hard work.They contacted many ppl, showed the plans, got them signed up


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