Thursday, August 05, 2004

Who exactly I have a problem with?

In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.
Albert Einstein

For a while, I was thinking about my involvement with Quixtar, and I was wondering "Who I have a problem with?" Quixtar? Or BWW? My upline or my sponsor? I would be objective here:


They are basically a portal on which people build their businesses. I actually don't have any beef with them. I'd try to be even more objective, so here it goes:


  • Excellent products: They are 20-50% more expensive but it was upline + BWW push to do 300PV, not them. They even have average IBO income stated and have 50 PV retail rule. Good old Shoppers Drug Mart is also quite expensive, so I don't have a problem here.

  • Customer Service: I have not received better customer service anywhere else! Their buy back guarantee is awesome, I’ve returned a lot of items :)


They turn a blind eye to all the abuses done by BWW and other Motivational organizations. In their response to the NBC Dateline segment, they defended themselves, not BWW or other QMOs (Quixtar motivational organizations) while no one actually attacked them! They refused to appear on Dateline show, while they were given a chance, and put a recorded response way before the dateline show was even aired. I don't know why they are hiding? They should enforce mlm rules more strictly. But as Ken McDonald said to Bo Short, "What would happen to the business"

BWW (Britt World wide)


  • Learned public speaking, people skills

  • Learned very good teachings from books


  • An QMO, responsible for doing some not-so-legal stuff i.e. moving a product that has no end customer, like tapes / books / seminars. Their representatives sucked me in, and 'motivated' me to waste money in expensive products. I have a pile of tapes sitting on my home, full with hype and bashing everything other than the "system". Average cost to be a core:

  • $60 STO + $24 opens + $100 / month (6 trips to US, one trip cost AT LEAST $200) + 300 PV => $650 extra (300 PV is actually $750 but I subtracted $100 I saved by avoiding Wal-Mart) + $50 extra fuel + $21 Kate + $10 website = $915 / month

And my upline said how one could loose money in this business! Priceless! ($915 x 9 months!)


Well, I won't talk about my personal experiences with them. If some of my relatives read it, it would be hard for me to refrain them from getting physical against that dude. I'll picture a general, business view of them.


  • Drove several time from US to Canada for me

  • Worked on my prospects

  • Spent time talking / yelling at me


  • Make me spent $900 ish a month, including push for seminars, tapes, leadership tapes and put order on 30th, which is still stocked. I’ve left more than a year now!

  • I was not told the number and cost of conferences, STO, traveling involved. I should've known so I could make an informed decision.

  • Brainwashed, or try to brainwash me that system is only thing good in the world, rest is pure evil.

  • Put religion second, business first attitude.

  • When I told I quit, kept talking to me on phone for 1.5 hours while I was at the office and he was at home

  • Called me several time on my cell, resulting huge bill, despite my request not to

  • Told me FTC approved this business. FTC never stamp on any business, it just has some guidelines. BWW violates some of them!



  • Never pushed me to sign me in, never begged me not to quit
  • Always calm, cool and nice
  • Helped me on daily basis
  • Lend me lit packs, books and tapes


  • Lied to me, by giving impression that they are making profit. I really doubt they are making any profit to date, which at least covers their expense. There were $5K worth of tapes in their guest room last time I saw!

  • I was not told the number and cost of conferences, STO, traveling involved. I should've known so I could make an informed decision.

  • When I quit, they told me after a month that I was not doing business properly. Dude! I was with you at least one hour daily for a year, why didn't you tell me then? I did whatever you told me!

I have asked about the refund on tools and products from my sponsor. That will be the real test of character. I've yet to see!

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At 8/23/2004 12:56:00 PM, Blogger Roger from said...

Hey Imran, thanks for dropping by my site. I have to agree with you on your breakdown of the people in Quixtar. I have no experience with BWW, we were under InterNET (Yager) years ago, and my wife is now in TOD... but what you say here seems to be consistent.

At 8/20/2007 02:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comments seem to be contradicting your own statements.
what age are you?

At 3/16/2008 01:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Qixtar is the worst thing they are a bonch of clounds with no life. I havent see white people involved because I went to one of their reunions and I just saw poor mexicans with their brains washed.


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