Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Frodo's - Free Enterprise Coin

Frodo's - Free Enterprise Coin

Well thats what they say, Quixtar and Tape + Book "System" are a "Free Enterprise" in it's purest form. Purest form indeed, unrestrained by government to suck people into a mlm-gone-pyramid scam.
Move to Guatemala, Panama, Bangladesh, India, Haiti or Mexico and try your hand at free enterprise in its purest form. See, for example, how many pairs of blue jeans you can cut and sew in a day for 85 cents a pair. Find out what it's really like to work for an employer unrestrained by government rules and regulations. See how much capital you can accumulate at 4 dollars a day. Find out what it's like to live without any environmental regulations.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

A Business Opportunity BETTER Than Quixtar???

A Business Opportunity BETTER Than Quixtar???

Yeah baby! It's true. O its true. (ala Kurt Angle style)

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

New prospecting technique

I met an IBO few months ago. I was searching for Halaal food at Price Chopper and he said 'Salam'. He was Indian, yet he greeted me in Muslim style. It is quite courteous actually to relate to other cultures, but an alarm in my head goes off. Mostly IBOs do that....South Asian guy saying hello to a stranger in grocery store, beep-prospecting-beep-prospecting-beep.

He was quick. He asked me, do you know a company named Quixtar. I said uh, yes. I was 1000 PV in my first full month. What level are you? This is my technique to get rid of IBOs. And it's true, no lie or lame excuse. He said oh I am at 600 PV after couple of months. (Ha! Sucka. I was better than you, PV being the only measure eh!). He left quickly.

If I had said no, I don't know Quixtar; I might end up going to a meeting and whatnot.

So there you go. Ask people do you know Quixtar? Many won't know. Then they're all yours.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Blaming the Victims

A page from Robert L. Fiztpatrick's article income opportunity. A good read!

Even as millions of consumers are solicited into MLM and then quit after losing money, most do not understand why they lost. They are shown the luxurious lifestyles of the top promoters and are told that "anyone can do it." The promoters convince them that they personally "failed" and that it was "their own fault." Most have no idea of the sheer scale of people joining, losing and then quitting. They are led to believe that they are unusual in their "failure." Consequently, they not only do not complain to the government authorities but they do not even warn friends or relatives to stay out of MLM. Shame and disappointment are covered up with silence. The recruitment program continues largely unabated.

As has been previously illustrated, the massive failure rates among those who invest in MLMs have almost nothing to do with the individual recruit. These multi-billion-dollar consumer losses are due to the pyramid business model. Retailing is unfeasible and the recruitment-based income plan is designed so that most will lose. It cannot be otherwise. For a few to win, basic mathematics requires all others to lose. "Anyone" cannot do it.

The "endless" chain schemes do not, of course, go on forever. Nor do they continue until they quickly exhaust all possible new recruits. While the schemes are structured as endless chains and make promises to new recruits as if they were "limitless" and could fulfill the promise of success to all, in practice, the chain keeps breaking at the bottom and being "repaired." Large-scale failure is, in fact, necessary. If most did not quit, but continued to recruit, the earth would soon be entirely filled with MLM distributors in a very short period of time.

The way the mathematical limitation works itself out is in the pattern of dropouts. Nonretailing MLMs don't fully or quickly saturate areas with members because most people quit within a year. All such schemes experience a 50-75% annual dropout rate. Dropouts thwart the recruitment process at the lower levels. The people trying to build the downline are always dependent on others below to "duplicate" the process. When their new recruits become discouraged and drop out, the rebuilding process must start yet again. And while the hopefuls engage in this constant rebuilding effort, they are also continuously paying money to the scheme and its organizers - in product purchases, training fees and marketing costs - as well as incurring other normal business expenses.

With its ongoing operation, continuous enrollment of excited new recruits and public displays of wealth and success by the organizers, the organization appears to the uninformed as viable, stable, and successful. Most schemes can go on for many years by successfully recruiting new people to refill the bottom ranks, which become open as past recruits quit the business in "failure."

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Under Construction

I'm doing some changes to this blog. It will go offline @ 12:00 PM today for a while and then I'll put a redirection here after transfer is complete.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Are you serious about it?

Ok folks, this is important.

Do you think you have been scammed by Quixtar?
Do you think some thing need to be done about it?
Do you think there are people out there losing time, money, credibility, friends, family time even relationship because of this?


You are an Quixtar IBO who is not happy about bad apples ruining the company name?

And you want to do something about it? Some people are doing something. Great! Here is what we all should do. Pick up a phone, call your local press / media to do an interview with the author of Merchants of Deception. Sure we can mirror it at thousand places, but it needs main stream media attention. People need to be informed about these “secret” deals out there.

If you have read Merchants of Deception book, you know Eric Scheibler has enough proof. I personally admire his courage and devotion to prevent people. I think it's a good time to end this scam.

I'm not asking to shut down Quixtar. Nope! I am also not asking to attack on thousands of good hardworking IBOs. I'm asking to help them and "prospects" by exposing bad business practices which are continuing for decades.

If all people who had bad experiences with Quixtar can make one call, I'm sure Eric will get an interview. Just one call to appropriate TV station or newspaper.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

If not Quixtar then what?

So, you have seen "the plan" and liked some things. You don't know if many things said there are true but you believe them anyway. The person who invited you was very nice and friendly, so were the folks in the meeting.

Now, you are doing some search on the internet and learning a lot of bad stuff about Quixtar. On the other hand, you really want some side business? So the question is, if not Quixtar, than what?

Answer: Shop around. There are many opportunities. Admittedly, some are downright fraud. But there are some good one too. Here is a quote from mlmblog's Ty in QuixtarBlog Forum:
I am an advocate of the MLM Model of business. However I am not an advocate of the buy from yourself and rape your downline out of money by selling them nonsense tools and website access.

- Standard price for a training CD in Network Marketing is around $2/ea, in TOD they are $6.00.

- MANY companies offer their associates free websites, in TOD they don't give you a website, and they charge you to access theirs.

- MANY companies and teams within companies offer conference calls that allow folks to build their business from home, in TOD they charge you to come to their weekly meetings, weekend seminars, and major functions.

I have to agree with you on one point. In the interest of fairness, lumping TOD/TEAM/Quixtar in with other MLM is not fair. However the truth of the matter is that it is not fair to the other MLM's. Some do operate a lot like Quixtar, but I find the majority these days do not.
*TOD is almost same as BWW, WWDB, or any other 'System' you were invited to. In internet it is referred as Amway Quixtar Motivational Organizations or AQMOs.

There might be some twisted facts in the plan, e.g. 90% businesses fail in first 5 years etc. Simply put, this statement is not true. Research it, don't accept it, or any thing as it is.

Also, a fellow member of the same forum, perfecto, answered many questions of mine in 15 minutes which no one was able to answer in my whole 10 months in Quixtar. My question was, how to prospect and teach your downline to do so? He explained that and told he practically teaches this to his new associate (IBO). As listed somewhere in the forum, his cheque from one transaction shut up many Quixtar IBOs.

Above are the two MLM folks who I think know their shit. As a professional, I like pros who know what are they doing instead of being a sheep and teaching others to do so. And no, MLM is NOT Franchising. Research it as well. Who are the McDonalds customers? franchise owners, employees or real customers.

Not every thing Quixtar related sucks. Some products are not bad. MLM means selling, else you better not be in if you don't want to sell. So you think you might be able to sell some of Quixtar products, but not comfortable with all the tapes, seminars, meetings after meting after meetings, try these IBOs. They are building Quixtar ethically (no tools, product focused).

On The Road with Dave
Marc Your Friendly Amway/Quixtar Distributor

Also, check out the average IBO income from Quixtar and think 10 times before signing the BSMAA which you *might* have to when you sign up as an IBO. Signing up BSMAA is just not the matter of $300+, you are giving up some of your rights.

Good luck!

Use the brain that God gave you
Don't let the self righteous enslave you

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Project World Improvement

Ok folks, I'll be putting more focus on above mentioned blog in the future than this one. As interesting as Quixtar is, Project World Improvement blog is what I am really really excited about and I have many interesting ideas to write there.

I'll continue to troll around the quixtar related forums and what not.

I also have plans to write an eBook "Upline abuses". I always wanted to write a book before I turn thirty. Two topics I know more about than the average person are Quixtar and WWE. WWE is very open and every body knows what it is. WWE itself keep releasing inside stories etc. That left my experience with Quixtar, or my own "Merchant of Deception" LOS. Its just an idea I had last night. I'll see how it goes.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Those taking supplement died earlier

CNN.com - Study: Vitamin E may do more harm than good

Research finds those taking supplement died earlier
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (Reuters) -- Vitamin E supplements, which millions take in the hope of longer, healthier lives, may do more harm than good, researchers reported on Wednesday.

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Amway Quixtar Motivational Organizations

Amway Quixtar Motivational Organizations
We do not believe the Amway and Quixtar corporations are cults; however, we do have concerns about their Motivational Organizations.
A must read! I can't believe I got help from this site. Brainwashing SHOULD be taken seriously.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Jon Stewart: Democratic 'product launch'

CNN.com - Jon Stewart: Democratic 'product launch' - Jul 29, 2004:
HEMMER: ... Democrats are unified. This is unified.

STEWART: Well, this is -- of course they're unified. This is their sales convention. This is, you know, when Amway holds its annual convention, their salespeople are unified, as well.

This is their product launch. This is their coming out with John Kerry and not with lemon. So it's, that is what they're going to portray. And as well they should.

This is their four days to convince their base to get excited, get out the message they want to get out. This is their event. And to expect that it would be anything different, I can't imagine that people thought, you know, Howard Dean would go up on stage and go, 'I was robbed! I'm not crazy. I'm very pleasant.'

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MLMBlog: Free Practical MLM Training

MLMBlog: Free Practical MLM Training

Free MLM training. Yeah, it exists!

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Monday, November 08, 2004

My business

As I started my own business in August, got payments of october also, $650 CAD.

: $0
Time: 13 Hours
Profit: $650
Expenses: Home ISP

Not bad! One of the services included setting up a blog for my clients. Blogging pays eh!

Marketing: got a new lead and hopefully will get enough work to keep me busy during christmas as well. I don't celeberate christmas so I was looking for work in christmas holidays.

Once an IBO told negative ol me "Businesses work, people don't". My sponsor also told me "foregin" stories of some one in India going diamond in a year. Well,

I don't know what I don't know
But I know what I know
If you know what I mean

(Stealing some one in quixtarBLOG forum signature)

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Why I write about Quixtar?

Well I have lost time and money in Quixtar, and I'm not excited about it. I was never told about BSMAA and learned a year after we quit that I can't even sue my upline for misrepresentation and loss of $10,000. And that's not it, list goes on and on.

But hey, there are many companies I'm not a big fan of. Halliburton, Petro Canada, Nortel, Wal-Mart, Enron, but I don't want to write about them. Yawn! Yet I could write books about Quixtar. Why?

Quixtar is funny! Other companies are so boring! Even WWE who looks hillarious but its successful because of same-ole boring professionalism.

And our lovely Quixtar: So funny! And cute little things like:
  • You are a broke loser if you are not building this business
  • You must love you employer more than your wife if you have a J.O.B
  • J.O.B = Jackass of Boss
  • You are not man enough if you are not diamond
  • We love you (Supposedly business gurus and adults saying this!)
  • Be in submission to your upline
  • Never question anything
  • People who don't build this business have HUB disease (Head up Butt)
  • Businesses work, people don't (?)
  • God will roast P & G in hell at the hands of IBOs (What will be IBOs doing there?)
  • We'll kick their teeth down their throat
  • Paddle the canoe
  • If you don't have $300 to signup, you need this business more than anybody.
  • Borrow shoes for your kids from your upline and pay for tools.
  • Flush the stinking JOB
  • Internet is a bathroom wall full of lies (where exactly is Quixtar.com?)
  • Figures don't lie but liars can sure figure ('liars' who? 'figuring' what?)
  • Stay 'positive', never pass 'negative', never crossline
  • This business is not about money, money is just a bi product for doing God's work
As long as I get to hear funny things like these, I'll keep interested in Quixtar. Moment it become professional and boring like other corps, yawn, and implement 70% rule and get rid of toolscam, I'll loose interest.

I just wonder how so many adults (including me!) fell for this? How we so blindly followed and trusted complete strangers and kept spending money against common sense? Were we up against professional con-artists? Or Merchant of deceptions ;) Who is this 'Zack' by the way?

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If Amway sold Hamburgers.

If Amway sold Hamburgers
Amway and Quixtar folk are always keen to point out how their business is supposedly based on the franchise idea similar to the growth of the McDonald's fast food chain. So, for a bit of lighthearted fun, we wondered what lunchtime would be like if Amway sold hamburgers.

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Friday, November 05, 2004

The Bottom Line About Multilevel Marketing Plans

FTC says

The Bottom Line About Multilevel Marketing Plans

Some multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. However, others are illegal pyramid schemes. In pyramids, commissions are based on the number of distributors recruited.

Most of the product sales are made to these distributors - not to consumers in general. The underlying goods and services, which vary from vitamins to car leases, serve only to make the schemes look legitimate.

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Beware of people who have a bww.com e-mail

Pyramid scheme
I have been approached to join the Quixtar pyramid scheme again. Their explanation of how it works just doesn't make sense.

Beware of people who want to talk about business opportunities and have a bww.com e-mail address on their business cards.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Need help in Blogging?

Hello folks,

If you want to start a Quixtar related blog (pro or con), or have one and need help, I'm your man. If you need:
  • some links on the side
  • Site meter and counter
  • Blogging software
  • improve the design
  • expandable posts
  • images and multimedia
  • edit the template
  • format the text
  • or just make your blog look good overall,
let me know. And yes it's free! The only condition is, comments must be enabled in your BLOG.

I'm no expert in blogging. I just know few things that can make your blog look good. I won't touch your text. That's your problem. You read blogging 101 right?

PM me in quixtarBLOG forum if you need any help. Best thing is to add me as a co-author.

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Marc Your Friendly Amway/Quixtar Distributor

Marc Your Friendly Amway/Quixtar Distributor

Non system, product selling IBO. If you want to build Quixtar in a way that is ethical and won't cause people to lose money, I would recommend this IBO.

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Sue Myrick pays Amway back

Sue Myrick pays Amway back

What a ..... and she got elected again.

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What happened to a Crown Ambassador?

SHS V. Alticor

On April 5, 1983, Amway brought or permitted its outside counsel, William Abraham from Columbus, Ohio, to talk with Amway Diamonds (high-level Amway distributors and participants in the tool and function business), in the Yager pyramid at a meeting in Miami, Florida. The session was taped. On knowledge and belief, Abraham told the participants at that time:
  • We know if we take away your tape income, you'll be bankrupt.

  • You don't put the brakes on if you know it's wrong. You put the brakes on if you know the bureaucrats are going to cut your throat.

  • In order for the tool business to be legal, there is a 'rule of reason' you need to follow, which is not a rule of law. This 'rule of reason' is that not more than 20% of your total income can be from tools.
Quixtar responded to the requests of the principal Diamonds of Plaintiffs Nitro, West Palm (Stewart) and U-Can-II (Harts) to be permitted to resume leadership of their downlines in the Amway business (after being boycotted out of the tool and function business), so as to enable the Plaintiffs to attempt to resume their participation in functions and thus access tool sales as well. In letters of October 25, 2002, Quixtar stated:
[we] have determined at this time, allowing you to service the downline would not be in the best interest of the involved IBOs, Quixtar or the Quixtar business . . .
Furthermore, as a result of the current dispute between you and other IBOs, it is difficult for us to imagine how you could be qualified to bring the requisite harmony, leadership and teamwork that these groups will require.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Things To Do With Your Life Other Than Amway

Things To Do With Your Life Other Than Amway

I had to link it, I just had to. Although it doesn't include TV, Sports, XBox or Movies but I still love it :-)

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Can H1 do Quixtar Business? ll

Starting a home based business - Is this legal for us?:
(H1-B) It is certainly illegal. Although many new H1 desis are being lured to do some side business such as AMWAY, etc. It is not worth the risk, especially if one wants to stay in this country for long and obtain a green-card. INS is pretty smart in uncovering such things at the time of green-card, and they are always looking for any excuse to NOT give a green-card.
This link is provided by a site visitor. Thank you sir / madam.

And to all H1 people: If you are on H1 etc. consult a lawyer before starting Quixtar or any business. INS is pretty strict nowadays. And as always, obey the law.

In my opinion, Quixtar SHOULD check for it. All they need to do is make the social security field mandatory. Becoming an IBO is a contract and allows a person to run a business. Company providing the opportunity should watch out. No?

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