Thursday, November 04, 2004

Need help in Blogging?

Hello folks,

If you want to start a Quixtar related blog (pro or con), or have one and need help, I'm your man. If you need:
  • some links on the side
  • Site meter and counter
  • Blogging software
  • improve the design
  • expandable posts
  • images and multimedia
  • edit the template
  • format the text
  • or just make your blog look good overall,
let me know. And yes it's free! The only condition is, comments must be enabled in your BLOG.

I'm no expert in blogging. I just know few things that can make your blog look good. I won't touch your text. That's your problem. You read blogging 101 right?

PM me in quixtarBLOG forum if you need any help. Best thing is to add me as a co-author.

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