Thursday, November 04, 2004

What happened to a Crown Ambassador?

SHS V. Alticor

On April 5, 1983, Amway brought or permitted its outside counsel, William Abraham from Columbus, Ohio, to talk with Amway Diamonds (high-level Amway distributors and participants in the tool and function business), in the Yager pyramid at a meeting in Miami, Florida. The session was taped. On knowledge and belief, Abraham told the participants at that time:
  • We know if we take away your tape income, you'll be bankrupt.

  • You don't put the brakes on if you know it's wrong. You put the brakes on if you know the bureaucrats are going to cut your throat.

  • In order for the tool business to be legal, there is a 'rule of reason' you need to follow, which is not a rule of law. This 'rule of reason' is that not more than 20% of your total income can be from tools.
Quixtar responded to the requests of the principal Diamonds of Plaintiffs Nitro, West Palm (Stewart) and U-Can-II (Harts) to be permitted to resume leadership of their downlines in the Amway business (after being boycotted out of the tool and function business), so as to enable the Plaintiffs to attempt to resume their participation in functions and thus access tool sales as well. In letters of October 25, 2002, Quixtar stated:
[we] have determined at this time, allowing you to service the downline would not be in the best interest of the involved IBOs, Quixtar or the Quixtar business . . .
Furthermore, as a result of the current dispute between you and other IBOs, it is difficult for us to imagine how you could be qualified to bring the requisite harmony, leadership and teamwork that these groups will require.

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