Monday, October 18, 2004

I like this mlm - Passport

MLMBlog: MLMBlog - Rewind - What Attracted Me To Passport.

As in this post Caleb of Inside Network Marketing has pointed out, selling point of MLM is ironically the same thing that burns too many people....leverage. QBlog said the same thing as easy money!

I’ll use a different word to describe this flaw. Its "retired". I don’t like the notion of having few dudes "retired" making money of their "downline" working. I think mathematically this model is bound to generate a lot of "negativity". So, it’s a principle. Quit fighting me about my blog, its just a mathematical output. As I heard in an emerald open in 2001: Fight with me; don’t fight with a principle.

What I like about passport is that I don't see a person "retired". All the other benefits are linked above. But this benefit is the fundamental benefit as I see it. "Work from home" is not "retired" as a person is still working. Also, work from home DOEST not mean running to opens, quests, seminars and showing the plans.

A person does not get retired in "passport" because of cap on MLM. Second more bonus on direct sales than mlm. So even a person having enough "downline" has incentive to do retail (or work). I hate the word "downline" by the way.

Passport folks, please let me know if I am not correct.

Point is, I don't like an MLM where some "upline" is sitting on their fat ass making money off the people they have recruited knowing very well that it's mathematically impossible for majority to "retire" like them. I heard in a bww seminar "Many of you will quit". Very few of those who will reach a "retired" level again have a group of people with same even more tough odds due to market saturation and negativity.

To clarify, I'm not in passport. Passport is not up here in Canada, nor I am interested in joining it, or any MLM. I don't know if it gives me any added credibility :-) I just want to tell what I saw, as I try to do in this whole blog. Also I am not paid to write this entry ;)

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