Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Project World Improvement

Project World Improvement: Introduction

Okie folk, enough is enough. I've got a writing bug now. There are many good things I can write about. So I've decided to start this project. I owe you one more post regarding Quixtar i.e. what exactly my sponsor said. Also, I received a call from Quixtar. This will be in the next post.

Today is Tuesday. I owe you a retailing tip. Here it is:

Retailing Tip

Artistry products are, arguably, best of the kind. I'm a guy so I won't know much about it. But i know that a downline of mine did 600 PV in 3 hours via SAM. You can rent a machine. We used to rent a machine @ $20. If you don't know how to do it, but know some ladies, even guys, ask some of your upline lady to do SAM session for you. Invite saying free skin analysis. Serve food bars and XS. Two birds with a stone. Rest SAM machine will do the selling for you.

Cool eh!

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