Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Is this true?

As ya know, I've been threatened by my sponsor that Corp is planning to take some legal action against all "negative sites" very soon. What type of action? How soon? What about Qrush who has been linked by some IBO's Blog?

Alticor, I know you visit me almost daily. Tell me, is that true? Are IBOs authorized to give such statements on your behalf?

If you have any concerns and question, just email me. I am very open and honest about what I do and I expect the same thing. I can be very accommodating, on reasonable things ;)

What about these sites:
Walmart sucks
My Toyota sucks
Mcdonalds sucks

I am willing to accept a world in which people have bad experiences with businesses. If you agree to accept a world in which criticism and freedom of speech exists. What do you think?

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