Friday, September 24, 2004

O Alticor: Where art thou?

Hello Alticor,

I, an ex IBO want to complain about some unethical behaviour of my uplines. This includes the tool push on a jobless financially struggling people. I tried your contact us link. I'm on Mozilla 1.7. It's broken! It's funny as report problem of website link is broken. Kinda like "Keyboard not attached. Press F2 to continue". If you answer my complain adequately, you'll find me your biggest defender. Ok, you may not need a defender, but there should be a place to hear these complains. No? Please don’t tell me to go to BWW, as with them I have a problem.

The other question I have is: Do you, or do you not, support non-system groups more? If non-system groups have near 50% or more IBO force of whole Alticor, I am cool. There is corruption in many companies. That's life! But if your 95% sales are via tool-pushing "systems" may I ask why? Arguably, your products save money. But if done via "system" one end up stocking and losing money. But you get sales right? What is more important to you?

I don't know if I am barking at the wrong trees here. I don't know if you care about an ex IBO, normal public or volume generating rubys, emeralds and other stupid stones.

I am a logical person. Ok, I am trying to be ;)
  • I am not hiding behind an anonymous name
  • I am trying to contact you first. I know you visit me. Some visits are logged here. Or was it some of your employee? Hey employee, do you know J.O.B is bad?
  • If you don't fix your contact link, what should I do?
I am told that you act on such reports swiftly. I am hopeful. Just fix your contact link (Now it's backend) so I can email you. Its all I am asking.

Btw 3 visits today? Seems like you are the only one reading this blog. You may wanna read this.

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