Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Fresh Start

Ok guys, I'm quite confused. I, like many others, have lost time and money in Quixtar / BWW. I think I am scammed. I was presented with half facts, and tools were pushed. So I started my blog to share my experience.

Then, I'm threatened by lawsuits? By the same people I used to trust and who got my PV? They haven't even read my blog for crying out loud. All they say is “your name is coming on the internet”. Well! Not just my name, my picture as well :) My name is on a lot of places btw. With and without the mention of Quixtar. It's 21st century, no? I have no idea which place on the internet my sponsor was talking about. This blog? quixtarblog.com or whataboutquixtar.com? Or 15 / 16 other sites I commented / contributed on? Even this blog, he refused to even read it. In fact he can comment here. Fill it up with comments, I'd love it. He also mentioned that in FED, free enterprise day, my uplines were very un happy about my-name-on-internet. Dudes, I choose this media, internet, to write. Out write me! Comment in my blog. Join the discussion boards. Why not? Just don't call me :)

Where else could I complain about my situation? Give me some ideas. Don't tell me Quixtar, there’s just order support help there. Alticor.com, I know you visit me. Test your contact us links some time. There is an error GetDate when I select a category and hit Go button!

So, I’ve already tried them, no avail. Any other place I could complain?

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At 10/01/2007 02:01:00 AM, Blogger Anonymous said...

How can they go against "power of spoken word"???


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