Sunday, October 17, 2004

How convenient!!!

There are so many little things Quixtar and IBOs do that makes me scream, "How convenient".

I have heard many IBOs saying "This business has helped me in my Job". What? You mean J.O.B? You didn't hear the tape "Pigs don't know pigs stink"? So if this sca ... err business has helped you in your job, than you don't want to retire do you? You won't be shoving down the 'retired' dream down my throat then will you? What? You will? How convenient!!

Also, I have heard too many IBOs saying that, "Instead of wasting your time in your blog, why don't you do some thing constructive". So they are saying that instead of criticizing Quixtar, I better build some thing for myself. BUT, they are criticizing my blog right? Instead of criticizing my blog, why not they build their own blog?

Also, they call it Amway, American Way. What is the First amendment of American Constituion? Freedom of speech right? As far as I have seen, company that most fiercely suppress criticism is Quixtar / Amway. That alone pisses off many patriot americans. Folks like Alticor Sucks guy. If you are preaching American Way, why the hell do you suppress such a basic right of an American?

Funny they sign people up saying "Its not selling" and later a person finds selling was the only thing to ensure a positive cash flow.

Funny IBOs know all about job insecurity but don't know about diamond ships terminated.

How convenient that IBOs love to criticize critics by posting comments on their blogs, but never thought about comments disabled blogs of some diamond IBOs and so many other diamonds who are not accessible to public.

Funny IBOs find so many things wrong in the society like Job / Business insecurity and can not hear that there could be something wrong with Q-Business, or some part of it.

Funny that diamonds brag about how this business helps marriages and their own marriages are not so exemplery.

How convenient to bad mouth P & G, Wal-Mart and coupons cutting but no body should say any thing against their business model and products.

Funny I don't hear majority of IBOs saying anything against character assassination of Quixtar critics by some apparently hired mouthpieces but I am sure evil to share my experience.

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