Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Can H1 do Quixtar Business? ll

Starting a home based business - Is this legal for us?:
(H1-B) It is certainly illegal. Although many new H1 desis are being lured to do some side business such as AMWAY, etc. It is not worth the risk, especially if one wants to stay in this country for long and obtain a green-card. INS is pretty smart in uncovering such things at the time of green-card, and they are always looking for any excuse to NOT give a green-card.
This link is provided by a site visitor. Thank you sir / madam.

And to all H1 people: If you are on H1 etc. consult a lawyer before starting Quixtar or any business. INS is pretty strict nowadays. And as always, obey the law.

In my opinion, Quixtar SHOULD check for it. All they need to do is make the social security field mandatory. Becoming an IBO is a contract and allows a person to run a business. Company providing the opportunity should watch out. No?

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