Sunday, February 27, 2005

Due Deligence

Mr. Average guy is invited by a friend in hotel meeting about some business thing. He went there, saw a lot of nice & happy people appreciating his friends as some big success. Impressive. Speaker gives a slick presentation about Quixtar.

Now that all sounds too good to be true. But my friend is quite happy and looks like he is making good $. Besides, I didn't spend any thing. Hey they give me some CD. Good stuff. :) My friend did pay $6 but what the heck, it's like rent of a movie and it is a good place. It must cost a lot to rent.

Mr. Average guy slept thinking wow. But next day he forgot about it. Nah! too good to be true. It sure aint no scam as my buddy is in it and he said he is making money. But nah! I don't like recruiting. It sucks. I hate it. I'm no sales guy.

2 days after they meet. Mr. Normal guy is like: I dunno man. Looks great but doesn't seem real to me, if it would be every body would be doing it. I mean who doesn't like to be financially free in 2-5 years? Besides, people do cringe at the mention of recruiting. I dunno.

IBO Friend comes. Listens to all reluctant remarks. Then said, "Look buddy, its $350. You'll make it back just by shopping at Quixtar. Didn't u hear, u get $82 back from $250 when you pay retail. Or u can chose to pay IBO price at the first place. See my tax return, government gave me $3000 back!! in my Job it was just $500. Government want ppl to do business that's why!

So, there is no risk left. You do buy toilet paper right, there. You'll make it back in few months just shopping. Can u do that?

Also, Quixtar was launched by IBM and Microsoft, remember? How could that be not cool? Did you see the site? It was slow? Oh that must be your ISP. We do provide internet service too and make money using it! "

Besides, I'll be making fulltime just in few months. I meet with great ppl like the ones you saw there and make money. Do you want to do that? You can make it as well. And you don't have to do any thing! Just invite like I did and either I, or my upline will show them the plan! We'll do the same thing to those ppl and you'll be making residual income from our efforts. Wanna get paid because of our efforts? We’ll be happy too"

Mr. Average guy: "Hmm, but what's the catch, where would money come from"

IBO Friend, "Food basic makes profit from you. We keep it among our selves by eliminating middle men. Oh buddy, you heard that right?"

Mr. Average guy: "But I'm no sales guy...."

IBO Friend: "Dude, you are a sharp person. What's wrong with you? Where did you hear you have to sell any thing? That's the whole point."

Mr. Average guy, thinking "Ok I'll make $350 just by shopping. Can do that. So no money lost. May make some money, as my buddy will be working for me. IBM / Microsoft: Good shit man! It must be good. I use IBM machine and Microsoft OS all day like every body else except those MAC morons. What the hell. No risk. I know my buddy damn well. He helped me 1000 times. Let’s do it"

Mr. Average guy, "Oh wait, can I see some product and prices"

IBO Friend: "Sure, I'd love to show you. Come to PASE! Lets sign up now so you'll get your kit containing intro products. Man those products are great. Best I've ever use. You won't believe it. In PASE you'll learn more about them"

Mr. Average guy, "Ok let do it". what's Mr. Average guy fault?
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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I wonder why is that?

In my all encounters with Quixtar IBOs, I've noticed some thing. It is wierd. Most of them basically says the same thing:

"If you don't like Quixtar, fine. Do what you like. Don't waste your time criticizing it".

Hmmm, so why don't that like hearing opinion different than theirs? I do waste my time watching movies. Never heard any condencending remarks about it by IBOs. I've even heard from IBOs who said, or at east claimed that selling tools is "criminal" yet they bash people who speak up against the "crime".

I just don't understand. Why Quixtar IBOs can't stand to hear any thing against this (scam) opportunity? Why? I'm not pushing them to sign up, I'm not twisting their arm to cough up $500 to drive 15,00 miles and hear Right wing nut job's Quixtianity. I'm just voicing my opinion and I keep hearing, "move on". Which means "Don't say any thing negative about Quixtar."


PS: I was extremely busy at work to blog. I love my work :)
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