Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quixtar Playbook # 7

An IBO commented here. Their comment is in bold.

to Loser:

My brother, Salaam alaikum,

Walaikum Salam, uh...sister!

I just want to say if you had spent half as much energy in building your business as you do maintaining this blog and feeling sorry for yourself you would have succeeded.

Sister, straight from playbook? My IT consulting, part time business is making good money. Alhamdullillah!

If your uplines told you to leave your family if they were negative about quixtar then that was wrong on your upline's part and they are to blame only. you fail to realize that uplines are INDEPENDENT business owners. Therefore they are under control of no one but themselves and they are mere humans capable and highly probable to make mistakes.

Nope. They do so because they think it is right. Quite common in many Quixtar LOS. It's no mistake. That's how Quixtar works.

For your information at the last Richmond Virginia function that my husband attended 4 people took shahada and became muslim. That is relatively small number and i wont say that this business is a way to Boost conversions but it surely doesnt prevent you from doing dawah either. dawah can be done in any profession or lack of one as well. dawah is spread by one person actually practicing their faith and inspiring others. whether by preaching or by simple example. Not everyone is good at inspiring others to become muslim. I know plenty of "muslims" that make me ashamed to call them my brothers and sisters. perhaps you are like them and thats why you didnt bring anyone to islam. or maybe its your "oh poor me" attitude that turned them off. Quitters are not inspirational. and neither are those who spread lies. you want to blame quixtar because you didnt stick to it. or because your uplines who are not controlled by quixtar made human mistakes. get over it. you were simply with a team that wasnt right for you. or maybe you expected to get rich quick. there is no such business. ALL BUSINESSES TAKE HARD WORK AND TIME TO GET OFF THE GROUND BEFORE THEY BECOME SUCCESSFUL. Every new walmart operates in the red for hte first 2 years. most franchises do. does that mean that mcdonald's is a scam? does that mean that walmart is a scam? does that mean that every chain market is a scam? NO it doesnt. it simply means that YOU werent good enough. YOU didn't have what it takes to build a big business with quixtar.

Any thing that you said? or straight from tapes?

If you don't want to call me brother, then don't. I prefer that way, honestly!

Regarding "Shahada" ceremonies, great! According to fatwa, Quixtar is itself haram. Research on "Al-Gharar".

you say thats your real picture on your profile... does that mean you are a goat?

its really embarrassing to have spineless liars for brothers in islam.

That post is a year old. I had my picture then. But good point ;)

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Toronto Raptors SUCKS

It's official, Toronto Raptors sucks!!

Why? Toronto people are too loyal to their teams. Civic pride! But Raptors and Leafs abuses that loyality all the time.

Leafs haven't won Stanly cup since 1967. At least they're a play-off team. My youngest brother studied in Tariq Islamic School and their principal taught kids how leafs dissapointed him when he was a kid and he hates him. A bearded relegious figure saying that ;)

And raptors....lost 9 out of first 10 games in year 2005. My youngest brother is a big fan, go to his basketball practice in -30 C, watches every raptor game. Hard to see a thirteen year old broken heart every other night. Raptors know they're gonna get butts on seats. So they don't work as hard as other teams.

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TEAM Orrin, Scott Larsen, Mirrors, Me?

I'm still bugged by TOD lawyers via Scott Larsen about the pages I mirrored, and removed from my website.

I mirrored them when lawsuit was on. From October 2004 until December 2004. Scott asked me late November 2004 to remove my mirror pages to help him settle the lawsuit with "The Team of Destiny" (TOD). I cdid in early December 2004.

Once the lawsuit was over, I put them back on. I didn't like the lawsuit and TEAM bully tactics. I removed them again on July 2005, since I learned TOD is harassing Scott and he is losing thousands of Dollars on lawyers to answer about mirrors, and I did't want to sign any thing affidavit etc. for TOD. Beside, TOD had changed their name etc. How he was answering for something that's on my site? I'll never understand. They were open to public pages when I downloaded them.

Now even after I've removed, I still have to sign Affidavit and give it to Quixtar / TOD lawyers? Lesson learned: Never give in to lawyers. Their demands will never end. I should not have removed them in the first place. What's next, remove my blog? Sign up for Quixtar?

I've asked Scott repeatedly, Am I doing any thing illegal? He can't answer.

And look at the lawsuit. Isn't it pure bullshit? I mean they didn't dispute whether the content is true or not, just 'Copy Write', like people gonna buy tapes from Scott's site or mirror instead of TOD confused by their logo! Wait a minute! he removed all their logos and put © beside their name. It wasn't enough, was it? They want pages GONE. It was never about Copy Write. It was about silencing criticism.

That affidavit is fishy. TOD is not contacting me directly since I'm not doing anything illegal. I'll record their calls any way. Don't call me if you want to keep it secret! If you call me, it will go online. But what the......I don't even have mirrors!! Have I showed them weakness by removing mirrors? If that's the case, should I put them up again?

By the way, mirrors are up at many other places.

That case was settled, not decided by jury. You know what that means? One party may not be able to pay lawyer fee any more. My guess, Scott may have won the case if he had more money than TEAM Orrin / TOD.

My question is, am I doing anything illegal? Why am I bugged to give some thing in writing to TOD?

Yeah I mirrored that page on my own. Scott never asked me to. But am I willing to travel and take my time to testify? Why? Again, what I did illegal? Is their any court order on these pages? Like Blakey report? Was their ever any court order?

I'll blog about mirrors soon, that will put them bit higher on google again, some on Eorope or Asia may mirror it.

I've moved on, since July 2005. If they would have left the issue alone, I would have 'forgedaboudid'. It's like a bully bullying me to give something that I don't even have. What I'll do to bully? Have friends join against the bully.

Good job TOD, to give me content to write about. Again, who is responcible for negativity, QUIXTAR. Good JOB.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Imran's week 12 NFL picks

Trust me! I had that entered in pool yesterday!

16 Jacksonville Over @Arizona
15 Atlanta Over @Detroit
14 @Cincinnati Over Baltimore
13 Carolina Over @Buffalo
12 San Diego Over @Washington
11 St. Louis Over @Houston
10 Denver Over @Dallas
9 @Oakland Over Miami
8 New England Over @Kansas City
7 San Francisco Over @Tennessee
6 @Philadelphia Over Green Bay
5 New Orleans Over @N.Y. Jets
4 @Minnesota Over Cleveland
3 @Tampa Bay Over Chicago
2 N.Y. Giants Over @Seatle
1 Pittsburgh Over @Indianapolis

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Monday, November 21, 2005

First Amendment protects Internet rants

It will cost two Palm Beach County dentists about $20,000 to learn what hard-core bloggers have long known: You can say just about anything you want on the Internet.

In a decision that was lost temporarily in the winds of Hurricane Wilma, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Edward Fine ordered Richard Kaplan of West Palm Beach and Leonard Tolley of Lantana to pay for trying to silence a North Palm Beach woman who started a Web site to blast their dental work.

Fine ruled that the two dentists or their attorneys should have known that Elaine Prentice was well within her constitutional rights to slam them on her Web site. Because they filed a suit to try to stop her from exercising her right to free speech, Fine ordered the two to pay her attorneys' fees.

Why not these businesses fix their practices first?

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Imran NFL week 11 picks

Week 9: 123
Week 10: 98

16 Jacksonville Over @Tennessee
15 Seattle Over @San Francisco
14 @Denver Over N.Y. Jets
13 Kansas City Over @Houston
12 @St. Louis Over Arizona
11 Carolina Over @Chicago
10 @Dallas Over Detroit
09 @San Diego Over Buffalo
08 Miami Over @Cleveland
07 @New England Over New Orleans
06 Indianapolis Over @Cincinnati
05 @Washington Over Oakland
04 Pittsburgh Over @Baltimore
03 @N.Y. Giants Over Philadelphia
02 @Atlanta Over Tampa Bay
01 @Green Bay Over Minnesota

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Reader Mail

nncouple commented it here

Friends, Stay out of this Quixtar business. Both we and my wife are from Bombay, India and have been involved with Quixtar for the past 3 years. For the past 3 years we have been showing a loss of $12K - $15K each and every year in our IRS statements. We came to this land of opportunity in 1999 and started our Quixtar business in 2002.

The problem with Quixtar is it is very easy to get into this business (just couple of 100's of dollars to get started). However the most difficult part is to quit the business, even though the financial losses and the deceit are obvious. The reason is you become part of a bigger team, your upline (the person who bring you in this business) becomes your best friend, you become friends with other people of the team and the people you recruit (bring into the business). You recruit people by offering to help them make some extra income. All these people start relying and get dependant on you. Walking away from people who have become close to you, with whom you have spent countless late nights (post meeting sessions), with whom you have traveled across the country to attend conferences is the most difficult part. Today, though we are more or less inactive( I have stopped attending meetings, my wife still attends) and the word is spreading in the team that we are going slow, we get countless phone calls from people in the team trying to pull us back into the whole thing.

Dependency is the basic principle of this business. From the very first day you start this business, you are told to stop thinking and to stop being creative. One of the cardinal rules taught is that you should not do anything new without checking with your upline.

I know people, who check with their upline, which color suit to buy and from where to buy. I remember buying a new mobile phone without checking with my upline. I could notice the anger on my upline’s face and heard plenty of indirect comments about not being loyal to the upline and not checking with the upline. The tapes / cd’s, books, seminar’s and conferences are tools of this business. These tools are very very addictive. Once you get hooked on to them, you want to hear them again and again. These tapes are recorded from speeches by successful people in the business and are mostly rags to riches stories and the struggle people have overcome to build the business. On listening to these tapes / cd’s again and again and from different couples, you finally start believing you can become as successful as them and will start defying logic and factual data. 99% of people loose money in this business. We were loosing heavily, but continued to believe the opposite, thanks to the brainwashing tapes / cd’s. All these tools convey the same messages: ‘If you quit you are a loser.’ ‘The smartest way to build the business is to stop questioning the system and to follow the system.’ ‘Listen to your upline, they have the best intentions for your success.’ ‘Your closest friends and relatives are your biggest dream stealers. Hence do not listen to your closest friends and relatives.’ These messages are repeated again and again until you really start believing in them and start following them. A person who refuses to acknowledge these messages is considered a poor listener.

We went Platinum in May’05(a level in the business less that 2% reach). Our uplines gifted us a nice pen set. After the gift we were told that we have reached a level where we have to become very careful about making any decisions ourself. We were asked if we intended to start a family. We replied, yes we do. We were told to hold back and postpone it for couple of more years, until we had a solid Emerald level business. A solid Emerald business would give us all the bucks and the time that we will desperately need with kids. Every Indian I know of in my team (80% indians), except the few who are the team leaders are loosing money.

I know this is a very long post, but please, please stay out of this business, unless you have ample of money to loose. This request is coming from the bottom of our hearts. What is mentioned in this post is just a few of countless mind controlling activities. We went through a horrible phase in the last 3 years.

Thank God, I am out of it and helping my wife to slowly walk out of it too. She being a woman is very emotional and is taking a little longer to detach from the environment.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Find me disgruntled people

Find me disgruntled employees online, who think
  • Their job was a scam
  • They were wronged
  • Able to hold an intelligent argument regarding that topic.
  • What their opposition said? If any.
Find me ex Passport associates, who think
  • Passport is a scam
  • They were wronged
  • Able to hold an intelligent argument defending their assertion.
  • What their opposition said? If any.
Find me ex Avon associates, who think
  • Avon is a scam
  • They were wronged
  • Able to hold an intelligent argument defending their assertion.
  • What their opposition said? If any.
Enough said.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Business Owner Mentality

How many times you've heard it in Quixtar, "If you are an Esso owner, would you fill up your car from Exxon?"

They yap about McDonald through out the plan, except here! They won't say, "If you are a McDonalds owner, would you eat somewhere else?" Because you damn well would! Even if you’re a junk food junkie, you would!

McD is also iterated regarding franchise rule # 1 e.g. following the McDonald "system". No matter how big shot you are, you have to learn how to flip McD burgers they way they tell you to open franchise.

So not all business owners have to be "loyal to their own business", right? Am I missing some thing here?

Gas station is also a bad example. My friend owned Petro Canada. In Canada, you get very little profit from sales of Gas. Majority of profit comes from convenience items inside the station. It's really doesn’t matter much to fill up from his own station. He goes to other stations all the time! Its tax right off, he's a business owner :)

Some other examples:
  • I can't always eat in my restaurant.
  • Hotel owner don't always live in their hotel.
  • Value Village (A used items shop) employees don't always buy from there. (Used crap)
  • Max (24 hour convenience store) owner don't always buy from there. (Too expensive)
  • Men who own feminine product business rarely use them :) Their wives may want to shop somewhere else too!
  • Film producers don't watch only their movies .
  • Many farmers can't survive only on their farm food.
  • Software venders don't use their software exclusively.
  • NFL owner pay to watch other sports too!
Unloyal business owners! Any other examples?

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Must bookmarks for NFL

Here they are! They will keep you super up to speed on NFL.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Imran NFL week 10 picks

Waymee, MG and yours truly had a great NFL confidence pool running in QuixtarBlog forum. Too bad, that forum is banged up like NE Patriots defense. So lets continue our battle over my blog.

These were my picks for week 9
@ = home

@JAX over HOU 16
NYG over @SF 15
SD over @NYJ 14
@KC over OAK 13
CAR over @TB 12
PIT over @GB 11
DET over @MIN 10
SEA over @ARZ 9
CHI over @NO 8
@CLE over TEN 7
ATL over @MIA 6
CIN over @BAL 5
IND over @NE 4
@WAS over PHI 3

I got 123 points, and only one wrong pick, Detroit Lion over Minnesota Vikings! I think I won big. First time....

Here are my picks for week 10

16 @Indianapolis Over Houston
15 @Pittsburgh Over Cleveland
14 @Carolina Over N.Y. Jets
13 @N.Y. Giants Over Minnesota
12 @Jacksonville Over Baltimore
11 @Detroit Over Arizona
10 Kansas City Over @Buffalo
9 Denver Over @Oakland
8 @Atlanta Over Green Bay
7 @Chicago Over San Francisco
6 New England Over @Miami
5 @Seattle Over St. Louis
4 Washington Over @Tampa Bay
3 Dallas Over @Philadelphia

Any body can play! You may post your picks here.

Update: I got 98 points for week 10

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Friday, November 11, 2005

You weren't doing it right

When we quit, we returned some tools to our sponsor (W and F, H). When he came to pick them, he said, "You were not doing this business right. You worked hard but that's not the way to build this business". My dad and I were dumb founded. We listened and learned from him how to do "this business" right for a year. He never said we were doing anything wrong. He just kept saying how "sharp" businessmen we are.

We trusted him, related to him and because of him, and with him, traveled hundreds of miles, spent thousands of dollars. We weren’t doing anything wrong then, were we? Now we've left and returning tools, it's time to tell us we were doing it all "wrong".

I bit my tongue. Made a decision right there. I won't tell him he's not doing it "right" either. He spends more than us on "this business". Let him keep shelving his racks with tapes. Let him keep driving in Canadian winters. Let him do it "right".

I never tried to talk him out of it. Not after hearing that. Two years have passed. I bet he has lost more than $20,000 on tools, expensive products, never ending US functions and other Quix-crap.

He knows my "name is coming on internet". But he said he won't read my blog. Fine! More he loses, better critic he'll become ;) I'm waiting, patiently.

By the way he never returned us any money. We reimbursed each of our downline who returned tools. I think it comes down to how you were raised. I dunno.

Also, I am taking responsibility of my actions. I'm letting people know what this business really is, and if they listen, they may not make the mistakes I made. I didn't have any Vinay, but I hope to become one.

The Corner Store: Quixtar. What star? is a great blog by another desi. We desis speak funny, may not enjoy beer much, aren't spectacular in winter sports but dammit we can blog!

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Loser goes to seminar

Yeah, real one. Not the scam one. I was at Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 launch tour yesterday, at Toronto Congress Center, with my boss. It was something! Learned a lot and fired up about rocking Dot Net.

I frequently visit Microsoft Seminars. Here are some things to note:
  • Free!
  • Free breakfast and lunch
  • Free Parking
  • Free software, a $2,000 value.
  • Free T-shirt, Key Chains, Microsoft stationary, bag, and lots of other stuff.
  • Learned actual technical stuff, not some lifestyle videos.
Long term benefits for Microsoft:
  • Developers will learn their software, which will increase current and future sales
  • CIOs more aware of ease and flexibility of Dot Net.
  • Exposure
As compared to Quixtar Seminars, what they get in long term?
  • Loyal IBOs, future critics, who will blog about them in not so far future.
  • Name of Diamonds showing up in blogs. In a not-so-positive light.
Try attending a real seminar, IBOs. They are more fun and easier than Quixtar ones. And you can see the benefits yourself.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Finally found banned weapons in Iraq

Independent Online Edition > Middle East

Who is terrorist?

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Quixtar reports flat web sales for fiscal 2005

InternetRetailer.com - Daily News for Friday, November 4, 2005
Quixtar Inc. is reporting essentially flat web sales for its 2005 fiscal year. In 2005, the web generated sales of $753 million, up less than 1% from sales of $748 million in fiscal 2004, the company says.

Overall the web accounted for about 70% of total sales of $1.1 billion in 2005, compared to 2004 when the Internet accounted for 68% of total sales of about the same amount.

70% is $753M in 2005
Total sales in 2005 is $1075 M?

68% is $748M in 2004
Total sales in 2004 was $1100 M

Loss of 2$5M in sales.

So no team exploded? Or some exploded, more collapsed? What about new diamonds? Where does there volume go? Or some old diamonds fell from qualification? As my friend lawDawg said, same old same old.

It's fine IMO from corporate point of view. For a company to almost keep it total sales is not bad. Just tell prospects that. Don't lie "It's exploding" when it's not.

Company is telling that. It's Motivational Organizations that are in habit of lying.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Quixtar Playbook # 6

Kay from Random Observations

Quixtar is not a cult. There are others within our society that like to have a job and there are others that will enjoy the team atmosphere and the postive attitudes that IBO's have. It is a different conversation with people that are working hard to better their families lifestyle by doing something different than a traditional job. The working industry has changed over this last decade and if you only continue to work your job you will notice that you will need to get a 2nd job in order to keep up with inflation and other expenses. The best advice that one can listen to is from those that are already consistantly successful in an ethical way. Read what the economists and futurists are saying about the next million dollar industry. A business like Quixtar is right in line for a terrific future...and many of these authors are proponents of Quixtar. Find someone that is good like you and help others to understand the business model. My husband and I are extremly successful in this business... We work together 10hrs avg weekly and we raise our kids together. This business is not easy...you will need to be around positive people going for the same goals as you. The majority of people in society are very insecure with themselves and need to pull others down. There is more to life than working hard for someone else and just barely making it.

I wish for you all of the best in life...and remember, Quixtar is a great company...but that doesn't mean that everyone in the business is great...we are all independant business owners...we are not all perfect.
Looks like a Diamond lady to me ;) How about crime fighters? They are pulling people down alright.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I like it!

A witty site visitor (Tony!) sent it to me :) Yeah I like it, two problems
  • Hard to get. E.g. can I get it right now?
  • Bamboozle my goat digesting stomach.
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