Thursday, November 03, 2005

Quixtar Playbook # 6

Kay from Random Observations

Quixtar is not a cult. There are others within our society that like to have a job and there are others that will enjoy the team atmosphere and the postive attitudes that IBO's have. It is a different conversation with people that are working hard to better their families lifestyle by doing something different than a traditional job. The working industry has changed over this last decade and if you only continue to work your job you will notice that you will need to get a 2nd job in order to keep up with inflation and other expenses. The best advice that one can listen to is from those that are already consistantly successful in an ethical way. Read what the economists and futurists are saying about the next million dollar industry. A business like Quixtar is right in line for a terrific future...and many of these authors are proponents of Quixtar. Find someone that is good like you and help others to understand the business model. My husband and I are extremly successful in this business... We work together 10hrs avg weekly and we raise our kids together. This business is not will need to be around positive people going for the same goals as you. The majority of people in society are very insecure with themselves and need to pull others down. There is more to life than working hard for someone else and just barely making it.

I wish for you all of the best in life...and remember, Quixtar is a great company...but that doesn't mean that everyone in the business is great...we are all independant business owners...we are not all perfect.
Looks like a Diamond lady to me ;) How about crime fighters? They are pulling people down alright.

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