Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Amway Quixtar - Important Questions to ask

Amway Quixtar Business Myths - Important Questions to ask
  1. Will you give me catalogs and distributor price lists, or get me on the Quixtar WEB site so that I can review distributor cost before I buy a kit and join?

  2. What is the average PV/distributor in your group? Can you log in with me on your account to view your line of sponsorship?

  3. What is the renewal rate of IBOs in your group?

  4. Can we log into your Quixtar account to see how many members and clients you have been able to sign up and to see how much they actually purchase?

  5. I would like to know how much money I might have to spend the first year on my business, so that I can plan my finances. People have told me about books, tapes, seminars, AMVOX, travel, recruiting tapes, postage, web hosting, web access etc. How much does this add up to, if I follow your system? What are the normal and customary yearly overhead costs of running an Quixtar distributorship by your "success system"? Can I see your tax return to see your actual expenses?

  6. If I decided the Amway/Quixtar business is not for me, what is your refund policy for the books, tapes and seminars I have purchased from you? How much will I get back? How long do I have to return them? Who is supposed to make the actual refund and whom do I contact if a refund is not forthcoming? Can I get full price for tapes if the shrink-wrap is no longer on them?

  7. Can I earn a commission on selling tapes or books? At what level can I participate? How much is the commission?

  8. Can I earn a commission on ticket sales to rallies, and weekend events? What are the typical commission rates? What level do I need to be in order to qualify for a commission?

  9. Can I earn a commission from hotel reservations and bus tickets of my downline to weekend functions? What are the typical commission rates? What level do I need to be in order to qualify for a commission?

  10. If I do not buy books, tapes and seminars from my upline, will you still support my business by showing plans?

  11. Can I see the contract for participation in the tools business? If there is no contract, what guarantee do I have that I will even get paid for tools sales?

  12. If I follow your "success system", working as hard as you have at your business, then knowing your reported profit from the business, I can plan my personal finances. Are you currently reporting a profit to the IRS with your Amway/Quixtar distributorship? May I see the last three years of your 1040 schedule C's for the business? Can I see copies of the direct distributors schedule C's?

  13. Can I see your planner or electronic calendar to see how much time you really spend on the business?

  14. What is the distributor retention rate in this line of sponsorship? Quixtar reports that just over 50% renew, and 66% of first year IBOs do not renew. I want to be in a line that is able to attract and keep new distributors

  15. In your downline what was the total sales of tapes, books, seminars, and LOS system related tools last year? In your downline what was the total BV your group did last year? I ask these questions to see if people are spending more money on the "system" than they receive in Quixtar bonuses.
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