Saturday, October 08, 2005

Quixtar Playbook # 5

First, to set the mood , a great ad

Russ from Random Observations
I would just like to say that this system works for anyone willing to put the time in. In korea it is spreading like wild fire! Why? because people are willing to make something happen for themselves. I really get pissed when I see what this country is turning into. Why is it that the majority of people who are Dimonds are also people that are way above average anyway. In other words they would have been great at anything they did but they saw the simplicity of time and money = freedom and they made this work. It simple it's just not easy. So stop crying and go do something with your life loosers. Try winning for once you only need one reason to win. You got 2500 reasons why this doesnt work, use that creativity on something productive. I'm gonna go show the plan suckkas peace out.
Straight from the Open eh.
  • Business works if you put time.
  • If you criticize, you are crying loser.
  • Don't dare criticize, do something else
Now can you answer few questions? Suckka!
  1. This "system" works? How many IBOS, who signed up after 1999 went diamond? Isn't it 2-5 years for Diamond plan?

  2. Why so many diamonds quietly join a job? And why majority of them fell out of qualification?

  3. So many IBOs, so few diamonds?

  4. Why diamonds are terminated when they're free? Not just terminated, terminate business as usual ?!?!?

  5. Why diamonds quit?

  6. Can you dig it? Suckka!

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