Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Passport: Does it matter?

I was busy playing Golf. Golf and Ramadan mix so well. Squash is just not possible in Ramadan. Thanks Allah for Golf, and Ramadan. Man my swing has improved.

I've been reading a lot of drivel debate about passport, and it drive me nuts. WTF.... Lets get some perspective here.
  • Passport is not a scam. Just another stupid MLM, not a scam. There's a difference.

  • No passport associaet called me broke loser with J.O.B other IBO stuff.

  • Maximum losses in passport = $50 sign up? Cost of being CORE in Quixtar "system" = $1000 / month, every month! Could cost marriages!

  • Passport may claim some superficial numbers, and may have a motive to criticize Quixtar. So? Income claims is illegal, a very common practice in Quixtar. Claiming fake web stats is not a crime, income claims are.

  • I like passport. Why? Upfront and candid. Few click away online.

    Have a question? Ask Ty Tribble, president.
    Ask Dave Stone, Vice President.
    Ask any current and ex passport associates in QBlog and Passport forum. Ask them why they join or why they left?

  • I don't see passport becoming a scam. If they have any plans, they have ruined themselves by being open online. Any one can listen to their podcasts. I still don't know iota about passport numbers but I do know that some telephone calls won't cost $1k / month.

  • I may not join passport but I'll never discourage any one else. Why would I discourage some one from joining something that will not drain their finances, put stress at home and abuse relationships. I won't discourage some one from join David Robinson or Fred's group either.

  • Only thing that pissed me was removal of Quixtar related posts from mlmblog. Reason? They were very good posts. It had nothing to do with passport. It was fight among critbots.

  • Perspective. A lot of money is wasted on "War" and Terrorism. Terrorism is bad. Real bad. How many people died on September 11? 5000? It's bad. RIP. According to a white paper:
    By the end of the 20th century, cigarette smoking will have killed about 62 million people in developed countries: 52 million men, 10 million women.
Some time I just wanna do this to some critbots!!!

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