Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Positive memories from Quixtar

How can I forget, tasting heinz ketchup first time after quitting Quixtar. Heavenly compared to Quixtar ketchup we had for a year.

Things in life that you just can't forget. Some positive memories from Quixtar. Like:
  • Renting 3 movies on weekend

  • Not returning upline calls.
    (My upline, Ahmer Azam was trying to sucker me back in, told me to go to some rally on saturday and meet him on Sunday. Yeah, right! He called me at my work for 3 HOURS!!!!!! I had to promise else he won't let me go. Should have slammed the phone. And of course, punched him 7 times. 7 is lucky number)

  • Tasting Heinz Ketchup again!!!

  • Sleeping on bed at reasonable hour, guilt free. Not on car wheel.
PS: I'm back! Thanks Jody Victor.

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